Commercient Announces 14 New apps on Salesforce AppExchange, the World's Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

Commercient’s customers can now benefit from hassle-free, fully supported integrations.

Atlanta, GA, July 22, 2023 --( Commercient today announced it has launched 14 new apps on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering customers to connect Salesforce with ERPs such as SYSPRO 8, JobBOSS², Genius ERP, and others without the need of mapping, coding, or manual data-entry. Commercient actively works with Salesforce users and ERP/CRM consultants to provide hassle-free, fully supported integrations that successfully integrate their systems avoiding late-night support calls or too many hours spent resolving technical problems.

Commercient’s 14 new apps are currently available on Salesforce AppExchange. These new apps include:

Commercient SYNC for SYSPRO 8 and SYSPRO Avanti

Commercient SYNC™ between JobBOSS² and Salesforce

Commercient Document Sync (PDF, Excel, Word, xls, doc, JPG, PNG, cad, any type)

Commercient SYNC™ between Genius ERP and Salesforce

Commercient SYNC between AccountMate and Salesforce

Commercient's Oracle ERP Cloud Sync for Salesforce

Commercien Xperia ERP SYNC for Salesforce

Commercient SYNC between proALPHA and Salesforce

Commercient SYNC between Foundation Software (Construction Acc) and Salesforce

Commercient™ Lawson ERP SYNC for Salesforce

Commercient SYNC between Multiview and Salesforce

Commercient SYNC between CMiC (Construction Accounting) and Salesforce

Commercient SYNC for BQE CORE

Commercient SYNC™ for Zoho Books

As a company leveraging the newest and most functional tech trends, Commercient’s fast-track plan will SYNC data between the ERP and Salesforce in a short amount of time, and integrate transactions bi-directionally so that your systems communicate effectively with each other without mapping, coding, or double data-entry. By making ERP or accounting data available within Salesforce, reporting for effective decision-making gets easier, and user adoption increases.

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About Commercient

Commercient is dedicated to helping growing companies integrate their ERP and CRM software with SYNC. We make hassle-free integrations for over 110 ERPs and counting. Among the most recent integrations, Commercient SYNC connects Salesforce with ERPs such as SAP, Infor, Epicor, Sage, QuickBooks, and many more, adding more integrations consistently.
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