Author of “Sinister Among Us”, Dr. William Bradshaw to be Guest on Paranormal Talk Show

Shadows in the Dark Welcomes Dr. William Bradshaw for a 2 Hour Discussion on Demonolgy.

Canton, NC, June 08, 2008 --( Host Jeremiah Greer will welcomes author of “Sinister Among Us”, Dr. William Bradshaw on June 12th starting at 10pm Eastern Time.

William Bradshaw is author of Sinister Among Us , a story of one man who he is called in to assist a small college with a finical crisis, but finds out that there are sinister overtones that are the root of the difficulties. While the main plot and sub-plots are fictitious, they are inspired by actual circumstances, scholarly research, and personal knowledge.

Dr. Bradshaw traced the historical development of Satan, the devil, and evil spirits from early Mid-Eastern literature and religious thought, through Hebrew and Jewish literature ranging over several thousand years, into the Christian era. Since then Dr. Bradshaw has become equally interested in demon possession and exorcism.

William Bradshaw's career experiences as an ordained minister, college president, college chief financial officer, and fund-raising specialist provide credibility for the events in his new novel Sinister Among Us. A graduate of the University of Missouri and Yale Divinity School, he then earned his Ph.D. in the field of demonology at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. He was introduced to the study of demonology by Matthew Black, renowned Scottish scholar, who was searching for a reasonable explanation for the terrible atrocities of World War II. He could not believe that the human creature, in and of himself, was evil enough to be responsible for the terrible persecute of the Jewish people.

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