Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc.
Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc.

Pawfriendly Landscapes Featured in Mile High News

Golden, CO, June 09, 2008 --( Meredith Knight of Mile High News, wrote about Elizabeth Bublitz, owner and author of, "Pawfriendly Landscapes," of Golden, Colorado. Pawfriendly Landscapes is a pet friendly landscape company that caters to the dogs. Bublitz just released her first book to celebrate her company's tenth anniversary.

According to the article, Meredith writes, the company designs and builds landscapes that accommodate both the humans and dogs who use it.

"Dogs use the yard more than any other family member," Bublitz said. She works with the dog's natural behaviors to design yards that pets will not destroy.

A mulched "runway" travels the length of Ellie's back fence so that she won't destroy the grass as she runs back and forth when people walk by. Bublitz said most of her designs involve a runway because dogs are always triggered by pedestrian and animal traffic near their territory.

The corners of the yard are also mulched instead of planting grass because dogs primarily use the bathroom in those spots, which damages grass. Mulching these areas instead of laying sod saves dog owners money and aggravation, according to Bublitz.

Separating out a runway and the corners of the yard often gives interesting contours to the landscape design.

"The dogs are letting us use organic shapes," Bublitz said.

The materials that Bublitz uses are also paw-friendly. Traditional steel edging, which is topped with rubber doesn't weather well in Colorado. The rubber guard pops off and leaves rusty, sharp edges that often cut pets' paws. Instead, Bublitz uses roll-top edging that is safe for pets.

Plant selection is also important. Many common plants such as irises can be toxic to pets. Bee-attracting plants are also bad for a dog-friendly yard because pets like to chase the bugs and get stung.

Dogs often like to eat plants like ornamental grasses. Textured and thorny bushes are less likely to get eaten and can keep dogs from digging and trampling through flower beds.

Bublitz started her business 10 years ago, originally as a company that would design pet and child friendly yards.

"From 1998 to 2006, no one ever called about a kid," said Bublitz, who changed the name of her business to Pawfriendly Landscapes two years ago. The majority of her business comes from people wanting to create an outdoor space for their dogs.

Pawfriendly Landscapes builds projects at any budget level, from $700 to $70,000, according to Bublitz's long time friend and assistant, Tracy Boehning. Her landscape projects can be staged over a period of years to accommodate customers.

"Most of my clients are on a budget," said Bublitz.

Many people think designing a yard around your dog is a bit ridiculous – including two of the men who work for her.

"Only in America," say the Mexican-born landscapers.

But Bublitz's business is busy. Currently there is an eight-week wait for new projects at Pawfriendly Landscapes.

"So call early," Boehning said.

Bublitz also has a do-it yourself guide called "Pawfriendly Landscapes: How to share the turf when your backyard belongs to Barney." The book features Bubltiz's three dogs, Otis, Barney and Zulu, the newest addition to her family. The book is available at Tattered Cover books stores.

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Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc.
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