New E-book Reveals How to succeed with 1StepSystem

Stephanie Woolford-Bales reveals how she has made $20,500 in just two weeks selling the "Ultimate Marketers Toolbox" - The standout product marketed through the 1StepSystem. Find out how you can too.

Whangamata, New Zealand, April 06, 2006 --( You've no doubt heard about the "1StepSystem" (see here if you haven't:, a business opportunity which was just recently launched on 20th March '06 and is already proving it can deliver at least $500 a day as promised. Well one person who has picked this up and is doing very well with it is Stephanie Woolford-Bales from Vancouver, Washington.

Stephanie, just 33 years old and mother of two teenagers, has, so far, published 11 e-books in the last 18 months. Her most recent one, "My Secrets to 1StepSystem Success", presents the results of her accumulated experience in internet marketing which has seen her rise from "financial devastation", as she puts it to a six figure income working from home on the internet.

The proof of the ability of Stephanie's book to deliver the goods is in the fact that she herself has used it to achieve over 40 sales of the 1StepSystem's "Ultimate Mrketer's Toolbox," in less than two weeks!
At $500.00 commission for each one, that's $20,000 in cash!

As Stephanie explains, the keys to her success with her book lie in three important factors:

1. Many of the products she recommends and uses in the book have affiliate programs whereby the company concerned pays a commission to anyone who refers another buyer.

2. These affiliate links within the book can be RE-BRANDED with the details of anyone who gets a copy of the book so that they too earn cash from the on-selling of the recommended products.

3. Stephanie actually GIVES the book away for FREE and allows anyone else to do the same.

This means that all any one needs to do is four simple steps:
1. Download a copy of the book,
2. Read it thoroughly,
3. Re-brand it with their own details - (easily done as Stephanie provides a simple step by step process which is virtually automatic) and then
4. Simply give it away again - thus creating an endless stream of eager prospects who have in their hands the means to create unlimited income for themselves and everyone they reach via the marketing strategies within the book, which also pay for themselves via the affiliate commissions from the people they pass it on to.

Stephanie also provides a personalized website for each person who re-brands the book and will also provide hosting for those who need it. How can it get any simpler?

Anyone can download their own free copy here:

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