Canister Co Releases Prenatal Down Syndrome Diagnosis Guides

Canister, a design and publishing firm, recently released guides for expectant parents seeking to understand a prenatal diagnosis and for medical professionals presenting a prenatal diagnosis.

Atlanta, GA, June 10, 2008 --( Canister ( recently created guides to provide current and reliable information about Down syndrome in an accessible format to an ever-increasing audience of expectant parents receiving a prenatal diagnosis.

With the current recommendation by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) that all women be offered prenatal screening for Down syndrome and the announcement last week by Sequenom, Inc. about emerging technologies for diagnostic screening, it is certain that more and more patients will be presented with a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis.

Upon receiving a diagnosis, patients then face decisions about whether to use the information to prepare for the birth of a child with a disability, consider adoption, or terminate. Therefore, it is increasingly essential for patients and physicians to understand the meaning of a Down syndrome diagnosis.

According to a 2004 study, 45% of obstetricians rated their residency training regarding prenatal diagnosis as barely adequate or nonexistent, and the confidence of the physicians increased if they had attended residency training more recently. A 2005 Harvard Medical survey also revealed that the majority of mothers received outdated information.

Since the expectations for people with Down syndrome have changed significantly in the past 20 years with increased access to education and healthcare, current information is critical for patients making decisions about their pregnancy.

Canister has responded by developing Understanding a Prenatal Down Syndrome Diagnosis for expectant parents and Presenting a Prenatal Down Syndrome Diagnosis for medical professionals. Justin Meredith, Creative Director said, "We heard from physicians that they need quality, credible materials that are expertly written to give to patients receiving a diagnosis, and we understand that the Down syndrome community wants people to know where to find reliable information and local support. With these books, we are able to address concerns from all angles."

The technical writing in the guides cites the most recent studies and provides reliable resources for further information while the professional photography portrays individuals with Down syndrome in the context of their everyday settings. The expectant parent guide also includes a list of parent support groups in the United States.

About Canister:

Canister is an independently owned, creative agency located near Atlanta, Georgia. For over a decade, Canister has developed a portfolio that includes brand, print, interactive, and international design.

Justin Meredith