Privileged Publishing Goes Worldwide with "Minus the Imple"

This inaugural novel by Robert R. Chandler is currently selling well through self-publishing giant and now it is available to a much broader audience, due to its inclusion on the sites of many online retailers, such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other booksellers across the world.

Rochester, NY, June 10, 2008 --( Minus the Imple is a new novel, billed as a ‘fictionalized true story’, available now on all the major online retail booksellers, including Barnes & Noble ( and Amazon ( The largely autobiographical tale is the debut novel by Rochester, NY author Robert R. Chandler.

The inspirational tale of Minus the Imple traces the life of a humble man from early childhood to the present day, and recounts the recurring unexplainable phenomena that punctuate his experiences. Written in an accessible style reminiscent of J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, this is a true story about hitting rock bottom and battling back. The story illustrates the dance between mere mortals and the essence that shapes us all. Honesty and humor punctuate this every-man novel that will surely connect with anyone who has a heart and ever suspected there is something beyond our physical existence.

The story is largely a memoir, according to the author, but names and actual venues have been changed and some elements of fantasy have been added for entertainment value. “The names of the characters have been changed, but all are based upon people who have greatly influenced me over the course of my life,” he adds. “I’ve bounced back from my lowest point to reclaim my identity and rebuild my life. Perhaps you’ve been there yourself, and know how it feels to be abandoned and alone.”

This novel (268 pages; ISBN# 978-0-6151-9772-2; ID #2035657), Minus the Imple is the first offering from Privileged Publishing, and is also directly available through Lulu at:

Robert R. Chandler, 585/402-0376

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