Food Network Teams Up with World Pizza Champions Again

Naples, Italy, June 11, 2008 --( Tony Gemignani, Nancy Puglisi, and the World Pizza Champions team up once again with the Food Network bringing you Glutton for Punishment.

Bob Blumer, the host, travels and competes at the most prestigious competitions in the world. Bob will only have 5 days to train where he will be entering the pizza acrobatics competition and is being mentored by 9 Time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani.

Producers contacted Tony Gemignani and the date was set, June 10 & 11, 2008 Naples, Italy - World Pizza Cup. Bob will be competing against some of the best pizza acrobats in the world and trying out for a spot on the World Pizza Champions Team.

World Pizza Champions teamates Joe Carlucci, Bruno Di Fabio, Justin Wadstein, Tony Palombino, Glenn Cybulski, William Manzo, Randy Hueffmeier, will be assisting Bob throughout the show along with International teammates Diana Coutu from Canada and Fran Carroll from Ireland.

All members are veterans in the world competition circuit and the producers and Bob are relieved to work with such an experienced team. All teammates will be competing in several other categories at the World Pizza Cup such as Neapolitan/STG, Classic, Fastest, Acrobatic, and Biggest Pizza.

The World Pizza Champions are the only team from the US who were invited to represent the US in Naples. This will be the third annual competition for the cup of Naples.

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About the Show

Glutton for Punishment with host Bob Blumer is a program scheduled to air on Food Network in North America, BBC Canada, UKTV in UK, Discovery Asia in Asian Markets and SFINX Inc. in Japan. Pending sales include Sweden, Russia, Hungary, Finland, Korea, China, Australia, Spain and Italy. In Glutton for Punishment, culinary adventurer Bob Blumer seeks out extreme epicurean challenges in a rock’em sock’em show that will appeal to impassioned foodies, armchair adventurers and gourmet travelers.

About the World Pizza Champions:

The World Pizza Champions America's # 1 Pizza Team have won more gold medals and world titles than any other pizza team in the world. Members have been featured on shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Rachel Ray, Emeril Live, Tony Danza Show, CNN, Good Morning America, The Early Show, and The Today Show. They are the only team to compete on the Food Network's Challenge series and members have been inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records. Teammates have been the first from the US to ever win the gold medal in Italy's World Competitions in Acrobatics and Baking. With such notoriety and achievements they hold the title as the best pizza team in history. The team consists of over 40 competitors worldwide most who own independent pizzerias. Members represent and promote the pizza industry as the finest bakers and competitors in their field.

For more info contact:

Tony Gemignani


Nancy Puglisi (organizer of the World Pizza Cup)

"They only ask for the best..This is a big honor for me and my guys. We're glad we are able to bring another first class show about pizza to the Food Network." - Tony Gemignani - 9 Time World Pizza Champion

"It's going to be tough. Bob has never tossed pizzas before and will be competing against the best. With only 5 days of practice, this is definitely a one of a kind show." - Joe Carlucci - 3 Time World Pizza Champion, Pizza Consultant

The show will also showcase the competition and True Neapolitan/ STG Pizza. The crew plans to visit Famous Neapolitan pizzerias such as Ernesto Cacialli's il Pizzaiolo del Presidente, the Buffula Mozzarella Fields, the origin/history of Neapolitan pizza and possibly a look back at Tony Gemignani's first place win for best Neapolitan/STG pizza at the World Pizza Cup in 2007.

World Pizza Champions
Tony Gemignani