Endeavor Drives Industry Adoption of FirstLight Signatures for UTM Appliances

WatchGuard Technologies using Endeavor for IPS knowledgebase.

Washington, DC, June 11, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Endeavor Security, Inc., a leader in intrusion detection and prevention technologies (IDS/IPS), today announced that WatchGuard Technologies, a global provider of network security solutions, is utilizing Endeavor Security’s FirstLight Signatures as the IPS knowledgebase for their award-winning integrated security appliances.

”Protection against intruders at the network gateway is a critical component to developing a highly secure network environment,” said Tim Helming, director of product management, WatchGuard Technologies. “Because of this, WatchGuard selected Endeavor due to its superior IPS knowledgebase, which gives our customers the industry’s best solution for keeping their networks safe.”

“We are excited to be included in the Watchguard family of products,” said Chris Jordan, CEO of Endeavor Security. “The growth of the UTM market is a leading indicator of where the security market is headed. All customers want good security and historically, customers had to pay a lot to get a quality performing appliance.”

The FirstLight Signature Service provides leading security device vendors and enterprise end-users with a timely high quality signature set that is constantly being updated, revised and extended. The FirstLight signature set comprises over 14,000 signatures that cover a broad range of both emerging and established threats.

The FirstLight Signatures enable WatchGuard’s integrated security appliances to catch Policy violations (P2P, VOIP, etc.), Web Attacks (XSS, PHP, SQL) and other multiple, blended threats. Watchguard can select the appropriate signatures for its customer based on the product installed and its application.

About Endeavor Security
Endeavor Security is the leading provider of Signatures for use in Secure Web, UTM, IPS and Policy Gateway devices. Its FirstLight knowledgebase has over 14,000 Signatures and supports more vendor devices than any other service. Firstlight uses a web xml soap service for delivery and constant updating. Endeavor uses a global honeygrid, patent-pending algorithms and technical analysts, to produce over 500 signatures per month. The FirstLight Signatures are formatted for the vendor engine to ensure maximum efficiency and capability. The FirstLight global honeygrid includes government and commercial entities. For more information about Endeavor Security, visit their web portal at endeavorsecurity.com

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