Author Bill Misset of "Awakening the Soul: Book 3: Restoring Your Spiritual Nature" to be Guest on Paranormal Palace Radio

Join Author Bill Misset and radio show host Royce Holleman as they delve into this exciting aspect of human nature, learn how Christianity was the cause of the loss of humanities divine gifts, learn the steps necessary to regain them.

Houston, TX, June 11, 2008 --( Most religions acknowledge the belief that man is here to evolve their Souls to their highest state of perfection. But how can their Soul evolve to its highest potential if they have never fully, consciously acknowledged its existence?

Everyone must awaken their Soul by acknowledging its presence, and remembering its unlimited power and potential. This acknowledgment each day will effortlessly allow everyone to know their Soul, and allow their Soul to awaken to full conscious awareness. Until now, it has stayed in the shadows. It is time to bring it to the forefront of everyones life.

That is everyones primary mission in life – remembering and restoring the spiritual nature to its highest state. Being “good” alone won’t succeed; becoming one with their Soul will achieve the desired perfection. Then, the “goodness” comes naturally.

Despite the Soul’s ethereal nature, it is very much a part of everyones daily lives. Sensitive people are said to “have Soul.” Those who are spiritually aware are “enlightened Souls.” People who do great evil “sell their Soul.” Those with wanderlust “have gypsy in their Soul.” Wayward people are “lost Souls,” and unfortunate people are “poor Souls,” while friendly or helpful people are “good Souls.”

When a person vows to keep a secret they promise “never to tell another Soul.” A spiritually troubled person is “a wounded Soul.” Children wise beyond their years are known as “old Souls.” The eyes are the “windows of the Soul,” and when someone tell the whole truth, they “bare their Soul.”

When you make crucial decisions, you “search your Soul” When someone dies, you say, “may their Soul rest in peace.” A loving thought “warms your Soul” and serene music “soothes your Soul.” Some have “hope in the Soul.” everyone seeks the “Soul mate.” there are “Soul brothers” and “Soul sisters” and “Soul music” and “Soul food.” don't forget love “heart and Soul.”

But as frequently as man refers to The Soul, he can’t describe the Soul, or see the Soul. Man just feels its mysterious presence deep inside themselves. When everyone thinks of the Soul, the thought stirs powerful forces in the chest, near the hearts. Thus, most people believe their Soul resides near their heart, if not encompasses it.

Your Soul is alive and aware, intelligent and curious. Your Soul knows there is more to life than what is taught or what is readily apparent. It is the part of you that is curious about this book’s revelations.

everyone is all born with a Soul, everyone lives their entire lives with a Soul, and The Soul is the only part of man which survives the death of the physical body. Yet man was never taught to honor the presence of the Soul, to consciously communicate with it, or to engage their Soul in daily mental and emotional processes.

Most people treat the Soul as if it didn’t exist. They ignore it. They pay more attention to the hair than to the Soul.

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