New Children's Story from HGBM and Tutu B. Jones

Springfield, OH, August 31, 2023 --( Now Available for Pre-Order. A Fishin’ Tail by Tutu B. Jones.

Author Tutu B Jones (also known as Becka L Jones) has been writing different genres for many years. This children's book, "A Fishin' Tail," is the third book in the series. Inspired by her grandpa, the memories Becky had fishing all throughout her childhood were great memories.

This book is a fictional tale. One day Grandpa and Becky were fishing on a lake in Minnesota. They caught all kinds of fun fish; sheepfish, cowfish, butterflyfish, dogfish, catfish, alligatorfish, boxfish, and many more. Becky might have even caught a mermaid.

This book was inspired not only by Grandpa but also fisherman in a small town called San Leon in Texas. The author says, “The fisherman here are wonderful and showed me how fun fishing can be.”

Becka L Jones is a Christian author writing faith-based books. It has been a dream of Becka's to write a romance book series. Becka has written dozens of books in different genres. She loves to put her pen to paper to create stories both fiction and non-fiction.

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