Consumer United: Better Deals Together

Better deals together? Absolutely. Consumer United is a savings-driven, grassroots group that′s spearheading a network of ordinary consumers, folks like you, who have joined together to identify the best service providers, negotiate better deals and simplify their lives.

Boston, MA, June 12, 2008 --( Gas in Massachusetts topping $4 a gallon? Groceries? Up, up and up again.

People are worried.

Can Consumer United, a Boston-based group that promotes the power of ordinary people joining together to get better deals on insurance and utilities, help lower your cost of living by $1,000 a year? Absolutely.

Consumer United was featured in a segment called "Cutting Back" that recently aired on Chronicle, WCVB-TV (ABC Channel 5).

In the news piece, Chronicle interviews Consumer United founder, Justin Dangel, where he discusses the power of consumers banding together to negotiate better deals.

"The core of most people's expenses are their bills and it's very hard for people to find savings there," Dangel tells Chronicle. "We use the size of this group to negotiate and to pool buying power. And it turns out that companies are excited to work with a large group of consumers and give them a better deal."

Dangel, who says he's saved his members over $300,000 on insurance and utilities, says the economy's careening costs drive people like Missy Lioz to search for bargains.

"You go to the supermarket and you look at your utility bills and everything is going up and it's frightening. I get bargains on everything and it never occurred to me that you could negotiate on utilities," Lioz adds. "It feels like finally someone is doing something about what seems like an out-of-control system."

Meanwhile, here's the lowdown on their savings-driven group:

1. What is Consumer United?
Consumer United is a group formed to get better deals on phone, Internet, cable, insurance, personal banking, utilities and gasoline from leading providers.

2. What is Consumer United’s goal?
Their goal is to help you get rid of hidden fees, improve customer service and pocket $1,000 plus in annual savings.

3. How does Consumer United make money?
Consumer United selects the best service providers in each category and negotiates better deals for our members. They pick the best provider and receive a payment from the provider, when a member decides to enroll for a service through them. Their commercial relationships with each service provider are in place to help make the switching process as convenient as possible for our members, and in some cases we can offer exclusive deals that are not available directly from the provider.

4. Do you share or sell member information to other companies?
They promise that they will not sell your data to any third party.

5. How do I access the deals?
Thye will notify you via e-mail when deals are live in your area. Soon, you will also have access to the deals via their website.

6. Will I be charged for this?
Consumer United membership is currently free.

7. Do I have to sign up for a service?
You have no obligations to sign up for a service as a Consumer United member.

8. Do I have to switch providers?
You can keep your current provider if you choose, but if you decide to switch to a new provider please view your terms on your original agreement.

9. Will I be charged a fee if I switch to a new provider?
You need to view your original agreement terms for your service provider.

10. Do I have to sign up for all services to get the discounts?
You can choose to enroll in just one deal or all.

Visit or call 617-482-4700 for more information.

Consumer United
Sam Baltrusis