Advanced Chiropractic Equipment & Seminars Update

Advanced Chiropractic Equipment LLC Sells the Ring Dinger Table and Chiropractic Seminars for United States Licensed Chiropractors to Up Their Clinical Skills

Houston, TX, September 15, 2023 --( Advanced Chiropractic Equipment LLC in Houston Texas is holding weekly seminars every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Advanced Chiropractic Relief in Houston Texas. The Famous Ring Dinger Y Axis Adjustment helps chiropractors address the neglected Y Axis on their patients like Your Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson has done successfully for the last 42+ years.

The seminar teaches licensed chiropractors in the United States how to access patients making sure the adjustment is safe and effective for each patient. Dr. Johnson teaches his attendees how to perform a comprehensive medical/chiropractic histories and orthopedic/neurological examinations, ruling out contraindication to doing the procedure on the public. The technique and the seminars have become very popular to licensed chiropractors who want to provide an advanced adjusting techniques to their patients safely and effectively to the patients they serve. Dr. Johnson has been doing this Ring Dinger adjustment on the Y axis for over 42 years without any adverse effects, showing how safe it is to the public if done correctly.

Licensed chiropractors who wants to up their game when it comes to adjusting patients with advanced chiropractic techniques should go to the website and reserve their spot at the next seminar here:
Advanced Chiropractic Equipment LLC
Dr. Gregory Johnson
Advanced Chiropractic Equipment & Seminars

Advanced Chiropractic Equipment & Seminars

Postgraduate chiropractic education seminars and equipment for the modern licensed chiropractor.