Author Brad Heyen’s New Book, "Nellie," is a Moving Tribute to the Author's Mother That Follows One Woman's Journey to Discover Who Nellie Was and Repair Her Own Life

Recent release “Nellie,” from Page Publishing author Brad Heyen, centers around Audrey, a caregiver at the Sycamore Acres Assisted Living facility who battles everyday with her least favorite resident, Nellie. After Nellie's passing, Audrey attends the funeral, only to discover how incredible her life was, and finds herself inspired to take back control of her own life, which has fallen to shambles.

Author Brad Heyen’s New Book, "Nellie," is a Moving Tribute to the Author's Mother That Follows One Woman's Journey to Discover Who Nellie Was and Repair Her Own Life
Wichita, KS, October 02, 2023 --( Brad Heyen, a loving husband who has been blessed with incredible children and grandchildren and holds God first in his life, has completed his new book, “Nellie”: a powerful story of an assisted living facilities caretaker who, after the passing of one of her least favorite residents, begins to learn about the incredible woman she was and discovers the strength and courage to get her own life in order.

Adopted as an infant by Stanley and Nell Heyen, author Brad Heyen was granted an unbelievable life, and his loving parents set the example of prioritizing family. After a long career in banking, Brad began writing, with his first work, “Eighteen Years Seth: Growing up in Foster Care,” being written to bring awareness to the plight of the many kids who grow up in foster care, many without the loving home the author enjoyed. Besides having a wonderful family and career, he has volunteered with many organizations including Kansas Children’s Service League, and he and his wife Jackie have been on mission trips to Thailand, France, and led many teams down to an orphanage in Mexico. He likes to push himself, just like his mom did, and he hopes his children and grandchildren learn the same lesson.

Heyen writes, “Nellie finds herself alone, confused, desperate. A resident of Sycamore Acres memory care unit, life makes no sense anymore. Where are her boys? Why don’t her friends come around? Where are the people who care for her? Her fellow residents hate her. The feeling is mutual. Worst yet, the staff at Sycamore Acres make her life a living hell. Her daily routine is redundant conflict. They look at her with disdain, they treat her like a troubled child. Her mind tries to make sense of her situation, but it fails. Glimpses of wonderful memories are pushed back, replaced by her current reality.

“Audrey is one of Nellie’s caregivers. Each day, her stomach lurches at the thought of dealing with Miss Nellie. The cantankerous older woman makes every interaction difficult. Issues with other residents, battles with the simplest routines—it is just exhausting. It would be nice if work was a place of solace, a place she could escape her life, but it is not.

“Audrey’s life is a mess. Her fifteen-year-old daughter, Simone, is having trouble at school. She has begun to see an older boy. Their mother-daughter relationship is strained. Audrey’s husband, Silas, had committed suicide three years prior, and her life has been spiraling out of control ever since. Feelings of helplessness are winning.

“When Nellie dies, Audrey is forced to attend her funeral. No one could imagine the catalyst this event would be. Learning about the woman Nellie was, the impact of her life, sets Audrey off on a journey of discovery that could change everything. Could her nemesis become her savior?”

Published by Page Publishing, Brad Heyen’s enthralling tale was written in honor of the author’s mother, who passed away in 2020, and accomplished so much in her life as she always pushed herself to try new things and live a life of impact. Expertly paced and heartfelt, “Nellie” delivers a profound look into the life of the author’s mother and weaves a spellbinding journey that is sure to remain with readers long after its stunning conclusion.

Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase “Nellie” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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