New Segment on “Skin Protection and Maintenance” to be Featured on Vision Media’s “Health & Medical Solutions” Television Program

The Human Body’s Largest Organ Often The Most Vulnerable, But Most Neglected.

Deerfield Beach, FL, April 07, 2006 --( Vision Media will produce a segment on “Skin Protection and Maintenance” as part of their “Health & Medical Solutions” television program.  “With summer weather coming on soon, we need to continue to send the alarm regarding skin health,” explained Duane Merchant.  “Sun damage is probably the most preventable and obvious immediate concern for skin health, but it’s certainly not the only one,” he added.

There will be several topics addressed on the series as a whole, and distinct programs will be distributed to public television, covering a wide spectrum of areas, such as Treatment of The Spine, Dealing With Stress, Cosmetic Surgery, Foot Health, and Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment.

“Because the sun’s rays are absorbed over the years in a cumulative fashion, we have to respect our skin as having a ‘memory’ of burns from the sun that greatly increase our chances of developing some form of skin cancer as we age,” Duane Merchant said.  “And this all makes protecting our children that much more important”, he added.  We have had a wealth of information about this issue come to the surface over the past generation, meaning that we now have no excuse for not being vigilant in this area.  Now, Health & Medical Solutions will present the latest solutions, and their inspirations, to its viewing audience.

Health & Medical Solutions is an issue-oriented, educational program, and is independently produced and distributed by Vision Media directly to public television stations in all 50 states.  Health & Medical Solutions strictly follows the standards and practices of public television.

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