Plum Caddy Golf Application for iPhone Coming Soon

Plum Amazing, a company dedicated to iPhone and iPod touch software development, announced today their first two mobile applications. Both will appear in the iTunes App Store shortly. The first is Plum Caddy which was created for every golfer who has an iPhone or iPod touch and desired to have golf mapping, scoring and statistics. The second is Plum Record which does audio recording for the iPhone allowing you to record and annotate audio.

Denver, CO, June 12, 2008 --( iPhone Golf & Audio Recording Apps Available when iTunes App Store Opens

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Plum Amazing is pleased to announce their first applications, Plum Caddy for the iPhone and iPod Touch and Plum Record for the iPhone. They will be available as soon as the iTunes AppStore comes online.

Plum Caddy is the first golf mapping and scoring application for the multi touch platform found on the iPhone and iPod touch. Plum Caddy can be used on any golf course in the world to track strokes, putts and other golfing statistics. Plum Caddy provides an attractive and intuitive interface for keeping track of your score, as well as the locations of each shot. The user can use the touch interface to place where their shot went on a map of the hole and track the number of strokes and other statistics.

By remembering every shot on every hole on every course ever played, Plum Caddy provides the golfer with instant historical information, such as club used and location of any shot. Much more coming in the future.

Plum Record is an audio recording application for the iPhone. Plum Record will allow users to record any sound, lecture, music, dictation (medical, legal, etc.), nature sounds, notes, and reminders. While recording audio (not telephone conversations), the user can annotate with text and pictures (taken by the camera). Later the recordings can be played back and the annotations viewed.

Plum Caddy and Plum Record will be available for iPhone and iPod Touch as soon as the iTunes AppStore opens. Please visit the website to get on the list to be the first to hear when these applications are available and to learn more.

Plum Amazing Software based in Denver, CO is a new privately held company dedicated to iPhone and mobile applications.


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