New Television Piece on “Online Shopping” to be Featured on Vision Media’s “Today’s Business Solutions” Television Program

The Future of Online Shopping Is Here Today, With New Breakthroughs In Reliability And Service.

Deerfield Beach, FL, April 06, 2006 --( The production of a new segment featuring Online Shopping will be produced by Vision Media as part of their “Today’s Business Solutions” program.  “With the technology boom and bust of the late 90’s, online shopping began steeped in trust issues and technical problems, and plagued by groups who knew a lot about technology, but very little about customer service,” explained Duane Merchant.  “Today, however, there is a new breed of solutions that have taken a lot of the bugs and guess-work out of the online shopping experience,” he added.

There will be several topics addressed on the series as a whole, and distinct programs will be distributed to public television, covering a wide spectrum of areas, such as Establishing Business Relationships on The Internet, The “New” Manufacturing, Everyday IT Solutions, Personal Financial Growth, and Business Opportunities of The Future.

“Though there are still some precautions that should be taken before shopping online, the ‘trust’ issue is virtually eliminated,” Duane Merchant said.  “There is a higher likelihood that your credit card information will be stolen when you pay for a meal at your local restaurant than by shopping online”, he added.  Companies have come a long way to making the shopping experience more than just some web “store front”, where you’re just dealing with “bits and bytes”.  There has been no small effort-- and lots of Darwinian Economics—to create a more human and comfortable online experience.  Now, Today’s Business Solutions will present many of these ideas, and their inspirations, to its viewing audience.

Today’s Business Solutions is an issue-oriented, educational program, and is independently produced and distributed by Vision Media directly to public television stations in all 50 states.  Today’s Business Solutions strictly follows the standards and practices of public television.

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