Mr. Seiffert Has Just Released This New Book. A View of Veroma is About His Persistence in Striving for Goals in a Nursing Home Environment. Amusing Stories Are Included.

Troy, NY, June 12, 2008 --( 65 year old male nursing home resident tells his story of setting goals and working to accomplish them in the nursing home environment, While he was doing this he wrote several amusing stories about people and events. Several nurses, social workers, certified nurse assistants and activities personnel have expressed enjoyment while they read this work. Mr. Seiffert has been heard to quote maxims like ‘Do the best you can with what you’ve got;’ and, ‘Take one day at a time.’ In addition to his message regarding persistence, he reminds the reader that one has to maintain a sense of humor to live or work in a nursing home.

Staff members at Van Rensselaer Manor have learned things about nursing home living from the perspective of a resident. They encouraged Mr. Seiffert to share his book with nursing home staff throughout the country, so he created his work on the website, using key words like nursing home, nurses. Social workers and the title of course: A View of Veroma. What adds to this unique writing is the author’s commitment to donate half the revenues from this book to the very active Activities Department at VRM.

Henry E Seiffert
Henry E Seiffert