New Web-Based Applications Out of Seattle - A Hotbed of Innovation

The following Press Release describes the environment that Seattle provides that stimulates web-based software innovation, and specifically highlights the accomplishments of Synapse Corporate Solutions, a young entrepreneurial company evolving and prospering within this vibrant business environment.

Seattle, WA, April 07, 2006 --( The Seattle area has historically been a proving ground for technical innovation and development. Being designated as the "Most Wired and Wireless" city in the nation by Popular Science Magazine and many other technical watchdogs, Seattle continues to attract new innovative entrepreneurial firms. Many impressive young and creative companies are taking advantage of what the "Most Wired" city has to offer.

In the last year, a young entrepreneurial company called Synapse Corporate Solutions ( has been quick to establish themselves as a provider of extraordinary interactive web-based applications for small to medium-sized businesses.

Synapse.CS is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, Mark A Michael and Daniel L Rust, both in their early twenties. They have been successfully providing web-based services to Washington State businesses for over seven years, long before being inducted into adulthood.

In 1999 they started their first entrepreneurial company called, a web-based travel industry search package that allowed users to search for vacation and travel packages available on the Internet. This was long before the more popular Internet Search Engine companies provided these travel-related services. Throughout 2000 and 2001 they continued to provide a variety of technical business services consisting of web design, database management, corporate identity branding, and market consulting.

In 2002 they were commissioned by Tropical Travel (, a Western Washington travel agency, to redesign their website with a new company image, develop a client database scheme, and market the agency across the continent. The database they designed for Tropical Travel soon evolved into a fully featured web-based software package, the origin of the current Synapse.CS group of applications. Applying this impressive system, the agency was then able to manage multiple Independent Agents around the country, further expanding their revenue potential. With website design, database management, and overall marketing still being managed by the Mark/Daniel team, Tropical Travel has since grown to have over 2.7 million in gross sales in 2005, with expectations for 2006 of over 3.5 to 4.0 million. No longer a home-based business.

"When we originally started working with Tropical Travel they had an active client base of less that 1500," says Mark Michael. "Since this time, they have been able to manage and expand their customer base to over 28,000 clients as a direct result of the Synapse.CS integration."

The current Synapse.CS software package consists of a series of web-based applications that can be combined in a variety of variations to meet most any business' needs. The application modules allow users to manage website content, organize and schedule customer service, manage company events, coordinate sales teams, generate and issue newsletters, access email, produce reports and charts, and a variety of other necessary management activities.

In addition to the basic application modules, Synapse.CS has developed a variety of customized industry-specific applications. Currently these include packages developed for the News/Periodical, Winery, Travel Agency, Product Ecommerce, Service Contract, and independent Educational Industries, with direct development input from industry leaders for each applicable category.

Their future endeavors include a Campaign package for fund raising activities and SynapseLife, a free service open to anyone who needs to store data, images or videos online allowing dynamic data sharing or remote access. This is just the beginning for Synapse.CS intends to be around for a long time.

"We are not venture capital hungry," says Mark Michael. "We saw and studied what went on during the dot-com era, so we are carefully building our organization from the ground up structuring around a sound business model." "We started out small and now have 33 active clients and over 84 full time users, and the numbers are growing daily."

Another point that emphasizes the integrity of this young company - The majority of Synapse.CS customers have come to them through referral from their established satisfied customers. This has allowed them to concentrate on making their product better, and has reduced the need to spend time and effort on their own product marketing.

"We have much the same needs as other client-based businesses," says Daniel Rust, "so we use our own software products to manage our clients, modify our websites, and otherwise organize our operations." "Combined with active customer feedback, we are able to ensure our products evolve in support of our customers needs, and as new business trends emerge we can blend in the best elements to better our products."

With this type of drive and vitality, it is obvious why this innovative web-based software company has established itself so quickly in the Seattle business environment.

See what Synapse.CS can do to help your business prosper. Visit their website at to learn more about their exciting web-based solutions, or contact Mark A Michael or Daniel L Rust directly by phone at (206) 441-4399 or by email at

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