Naked Penguin Boy Rises to the VC Chip Challenge

London, United Kingdom, June 13, 2008 --( Digital agency Naked Penguin Boy was delighted to receive the commission from Victor Chandler to build a highly playable online game to promote the launch of their new casino website

Having built various online games for clients such as Ladbrokes, Playboy Gaming and Intercasino, Naked Penguin Boy were ready to rise to the challenge.

Keeping the elements of simplicity and high playability in mind, Naked Penguin Boy decided to opt for an arcade style game-play which maintains its popularity with online gamers and appeals to all game genre fans

The VC Casino Chip Challenge game requires the player to navigate a casino chip around certain obstacles by using the arrow keys to hit a target. Once the target has been hit, the user is taken to the next level showing a new challenge. A simple concept, but a real task for even the most skilled of gamers to achieve over 10 levels.

The VC Casino Chip Challenge game interface offered the gamer a number of elements to interact with from a Send to a Friend function and a high-score lead table to links to the VC Casino where additional games could be played.

Naked Penguin Boy, stuck to the element of simplicity for the game design opting for a sleek look and feel to steer away from any unnecessary distractions for the gamer. However, alignment of the design with casino elements were included with the background images being taken from various VC Casino games.

NPB Media, the PR and marketing division of Naked Penguin Boy, took the reigns in promoting the VC Casino game across the internet. NPB Media seeded the game across various online gaming portals and viral websites to encourage game plays.

The campaign gathered momentum over a course of 6 weeks reaching viral proportions spanning 4 continents. The VC Casino game site has received in excess of 155,000 uniques with over 285,000 game plays.

Commenting for Victor Chandler, Acquisition Manager for Casino & Games, Ian Lowther said: “We are incredibly pleased with the success of this campaign and with the volumes of traffic that it has driven through to the new VC Casino website. Not only has it exceeded our expectations on all levels but has given us further confidence in the results of viral marketing and seeding.”

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