Burning Books Press Releases Scary "Final Warning" on Halloween

Out-of-control technology focus of zany new sci fi novel.

Los Angeles, CA, October 28, 2023 --(PR.com)-- Truly frightening elements in the zany new science fiction novel "Final Warning: Return of the Neanderthals" account for its release on October 31, Halloween, according to the book's author.

Halloween is a mildly scary holiday, but it springs from an old Celtic holiday bound up with ghosts, death, prophecy, and the supernatural, says author David Drum. Final Warning is humorous and fun to read, but its scary side is the threat of a dangerous new technology capable of killing millions of people.

"Setting nuclear war aside, what could be as scary as a new technology that could wipe out all life on earth, backed by a powerful corporate titan determined to wring billions out of it, no matter what the future cost to human life?" the author asks.

The plot of Final Warning also involves Neanderthals, aliens who come to earth with machines that foretell the future, a character who returns from the dead, and a supernatural Wiccan love triangle.

Two thousand years ago, Drum notes, the Celtic holiday Samhein, a forerunner to our Halloween, marked the night when winter began. Celts believed the boundary between the living and the dead blurred on that night. They wore costumes and lit bonfires to ward off ghosts, although the presence of spirits helped Celtic priests called Druids to prophesy the future.

"We live in an era when new technologies are being developed to rapidly they have the potential to overwhelm our civilization. At its heart, Final Warning is a cautionary tale against the very read dangers of technological over-reach."

According to the book's publisher, Burning Books Press, Final Warning: Return of the Neanderthals (ISBN # 978-0-9911857-8-8) will be released through Amazon and other vendors on October 31. A 284-pp paperback is priced at $14.95, a Kindle e-book at $4.95.

Website for the book is www.finalwarning.info.

Burning Books Press is a small publisher founded in 1984. The press is based in Los Angeles.
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