Spencer LeGrande, Inc.’s Newly Released “FOURSAKEN: The Long Road” is a Powerful Story of Deeply Spiritual Lessons

“FOURSAKEN: The Long Road,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Spencer LeGrande, Inc., is a bold examination of a young man’s journey out of generational curses and unexpected trauma from a trusted mentor.

Spencer LeGrande, Inc.’s Newly Released “FOURSAKEN: The Long Road” is a Powerful Story of Deeply Spiritual Lessons
Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 27, 2023 --(PR.com)-- “FOURSAKEN: The Long Road”: a potent testimony of determination and faith. “FOURSAKEN: The Long Road” is the creation of published author Spencer LeGrande, Inc.

LeGrande shares, “Foursaken is the untold story of anguish, confusion, and soul evolution of a young man coming face-to-face with the darker side of spirituality to discover himself.

“Khalil started his life in the projects with his loving mother and his older brother at his side. The absence of his biological father left a black hole inside his heart that nothing seemed to fill. As a child, Khalil was desperate to be loved and accepted by the people around him. The harder he tried to fit in with others the more he realized he didn’t. Being raised by a community of single mothers and their kids within the walls of his run-down apartment complex left Khalil growing up feeling rejected and lost as his family started bouncing from town to town.

“It wasn’t until Khalil found Valiant Transformation Academy for Boys (VTAB) that the hole inside his heart began to fill and the pain began to lessen. For the first time in his life he felt like he belonged somewhere. VTAB gave Khalil so much more than a community; it gave him meaning, purpose, and acceptance that he had longed for in his mundane existence. VTAB quickly became a safe haven and a second family to Khalil and became the root of Khalil’s success in making friends, athletics, and in life until the unimaginable happened.

“The founder of VTAB Ted Armstrong who had taken Khalil under his wing as a son, betrayed his trust in the most disturbing and alarming way known to man. The aftermath sent Khalil into a tailspin, leaving him to question everything he knew about life, VTAB, and most of all himself. Khalil soon found himself dragged into a life-altering court case that put all eyes on him with media attention from the entire world. With the trial sparking outrage, betrayal, and confusion across the country, we learn in the book Foursaken, how Khalil picked up the pieces of his shattered life?

“From growing up with no father to being mentored by the world famous Ted Armstrong and from being at the lowest point of his life to being involved in one of the most controversial story in the world. Foursaken is a must read story about betrayal, agony, and despair, but most importantly forgiveness, redemption, and true resilience.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Spencer LeGrande, Inc.’s new book presents readers with a thought-provoking journey filled with complex twists of fate in a healing journey.

Consumers can purchase “FOURSAKEN: The Long Road” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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