VP of Drug Discovery at Phylogica to Present at GTCbio’s 2nd Protein Therapeutics Discovery & Development Conference

Paul Watt, Vice President of Drug Discovery at Phylogica to Present at GTCbio’s 2nd Protein Therapeutics Discovery & Development Conference on September 8-9, 2008 in San Diego, CA.

Monrovia, CA, June 13, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Dr. Paul Watt, Vice President of Drug Discovery at Phylogica will be speaking at GTCbio’s 2nd Protein Therapeutics Discovery & Development conference on September 8-9, 2008 in San Diego, CA. Dr. Watt will give a presentation entitled Phylomers: Synthetic Peptides Derived from Biodiverse Gene Fragment Libraries, for Blocking Targets Inside and Outside Cells.

Phylomers are a new class of peptide derived from genomic fragments of biodiverse archael and bacterial species. These peptides can have high affinities and high specificity for targets, even before affinity maturation or optimization. Phylomer peptides can also exhibit encouraging functional hit-rates, when compared to randomly derived peptides, possibly due to an evolutionary selection of natural sequences for structure and stability. Phylomer libraries have been made in yeast two hybrid, phage display and mammalian expression vectors. Peptides have been identified from such Phylomer libraries, with diverse activities, ranging from antimicrobial to mimetics of discontinuous allergen epitopes. Synthesised Phylomers directed against intracellular targets have been shown to function in animal models of ischemia and wound healing of severe burns, when fused to a protein transduction domain. Data showing Phylomer peptide blockade of an intracellular signalling adaptor in a Toll Like Receptor pathway will be presented. A series of Phylomers targeting CD40 Ligand (CD40L) will also be described, which are able to block CD40L mediated biological functions. Results addressing the challenges of immunogenicity and pharmacokinetics in the development of peptide therapeutics will be shown.

Dr. Watt will also present on how to overcome the hit-rate problem in screening peptide libraries for functional inhibitors and how to deliver functional peptides into cells in vivo using protein transduction, as well as extending half life of peptides in human serum using retroinverso synthesis, finding peptide sequences which are unencumbered by patents around targets or antibodies and share the process of accessing a diverse array of target classes and target epitopes.

GTCbio’s 2nd Annual Protein Therapeutics Discovery and Development Conference will explore the therapeutic applications of proteins, with a look at discovery and design of therapeutics, overcoming challenges associated with protein based drugs, and new tools and strategies in process development. Finally, attendees will get an update on novel developments in protein therapeutics. The keynote presentation will be given by Dr. Michael Hanley, Vice President of Discovery Research & CSO of Amylin Pharmaceuticals.

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