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Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc. Featured Pawfriendly Landscapes for Creating Pet Friendly Yards

San Diego, CA, June 13, 2008 --( Jenny Morris of has featured Pawfriendly Landscapes. Elizabeth Bublitz is the owner and creator of Pawfriendly Landscapes and was approached by Morris to be featured on her site. is an e-newsletter that features pet friendly businesses. Pawfriendly Landscape's philosophy is to create pet friendly landscapes since the backyard is used more than any other family member. featured article is entitled, "Barney's Backyard."

The article discusses how Bublitz will create an exclusive pet friendly landscape for any homeowner and their dog. "Each dog is very unique with their habits and I create based on the dog's behavior. People don't realize how dog's habits add interest to yards. Their habits simply beautify the yard."

Bublitz uses only organic material, such as rock, wood mulch or pavers. Although the dog's habits are key, Bublitz considers the whole family while creating a landscape design. She explains, "We always include patios, decks, walkways or entertainment areas for humans. These are incorporated into the yard based on their dog's habits. It's wonderful because people can have a yard of their dreams as well as a yard for themselves."

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After designing a more suitable all-inclusive family paradise, you’re friends might actually be willing to endure one more night of BBQ Chicken.

Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc.
Elizabeth Bublitz