Second Life - Monogram Virtua Entertainment Sponsors First Annual Apparel Exhibit in Cyberspace

Monogram Virtua Entertainment Sponsors the First Annual Second Life Apparel Exhibit at Their Virtual Convention Center

Santa Monica, CA, June 13, 2008 --( Inside Second Life, Monogram Virtua Entertainment is proud to sponsor its first annual Second Life Apparel Exhibit. Hundreds of fashion connoisseurs from both the cyber and real worlds are set to arrive June 14th to see the creativity of Second Life apparel designers in cyberspace. The Apparel Exhibit opens at 11AM PDT at the convention center on Monogram Tria ( Monogram Virtua’s co founders Randall K. Rubin (SL name Dubble Rokocoko), Harold Whaley (SL name Hdub Shepherd), and guest speaker Del Hendrixson (SL name BAJITOONDA Sittingbull) will speak at 2PM PDT. A limited number of press passes will be available.

Featured guest speaker, Del Hendrixon, founder of the Bajito Onda Foundation (, will introduce the Bajito Onda Clothing Company product line ( in the virtual world.

This is Monogram Virtua’s sixth virtual event in a series of aficionado based cyber world shows designed to bring the members of various Second Life communities together. Whaley, a music enthusiast came up with the idea for the event series after the phenomenal success of Monogram Virtua’s previous exhibits and expos held at the Convention Center. The First Annual Second Life Apparel Exhibit is an event designed to bring the fashion community from inside and outside Second Life together.

About Featured Speaker
Del Hendrixson, in 1982 founded Bajito Onda, a 501(c)(3) charity to help former prisoners rebuild their lives and reconnect with society by teaching them creative professions like printing, design, and publishing. Del started collecting graphic art after she was tapped to organize prisoner art shows, but the artists never received a penny in return. Del decided to give back, starting the Bajito Onda Prison and Street art gallery that collected everything from wood and leather works to airbrushed bandanas (panos) to paintings. Over the past 25 years she has personally trained over 10,000 people in Dallas to be self-sufficient, contributing members of society. Del has presented to the United Nations and has grown her organization to include half a million members from around the world, from America to El Salvador to Honduras to Africa. She likes to call them her “underground family”. Hendrixson’s trademark stream-of-consciousness style is about rescuing lost and violent people from themselves, prison, and society, cleansing them and sending them out to live normal, healthy, productive, happy lives with love and hope in their hearts instead of anger and violence.

About Monogram Virtua Entertainment

Monogram Virtua is a Metaversal Entertainment Company that specializes in the explosively emerging world of 3D Cyber Virtual interactive sites such as Second Life and Entropia Universe. The company was founded by filmmaker Randall K. Rubin and cutting edge digital entertainment technology expert Harold Whaley to capitalize on the rapidly expanding untapped market of virtual interactivity for marketing and business. Monogram Virtua’s business centers around providing artists, entertainers, and entertainment business partners with a portal into a vast digital virtual community, teaming with people, entertainment, experiences and commercial opportunities. Virtual worlds allow entrepreneurs and established companies to attract the attention of customers from all over the globe, who visit, become exposed to new products, and purchase both real life and Second Life merchandise with real exchangeable currency in an environment free from the restrictions normally imposed by the limits of physical commerce. The company specializes in providing customized services for others interested in taking advantage of this exciting new space. Virtual worlds currently supports millions of US dollars in daily convertible currency transactions and countless more in traditional commerce generated by virtual world advertising of real life products, and Monogram Virtua is a premium conduit to bridge the gap between real world entertainment and 3D cyber commerce.

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