SinoApps Releases Online Solutions for EU REACH Compliance

San Jose, CA, June 13, 2008 --( SinoApps LLC, the leading solution provider of Online Environmental Compliance today announces the release of online solution to support EU REACH with cost effective services model.

The new EU chemicals regulation (REACH) entered into force on June 1 2007. It imposes several new requirements of use of chemical substances. It affects all industries involved in the manufacture, import or use of chemicals and it puts your products and profits at risk. Knowing what is in manufacturers’ products and how they are made is a fundamental step in lowering that risk.

SinoApps provides the following key solutions to address these needs.

• Real time analysis of product REACH status in its substances:

Provides real time analysis of all product substance status based on EU REACH ruling and generates Substance REACH Status Report that details all substance status for Pre-registration, Registration or Notification.

1. Simple Excel format to collect product substance info
2. Substance info is consistent with IUCLID5 standard
3. Online datasheet for easy data entry and modification
4. Instant review of substance REACH status

• IUCLID5 XML file Generation:

System generates IUCLID5 XML file for Pre-Registration and Registration. IUCLID5 XML is a standard file for EU REACH registration.

• Provide "Only Representative" services to support Pre-Registration:

SinoApps also provides “Only Representative” services to assist the pre-registration of manufacturers’ substances, and the service package includes the followings:

1. Pre-registration:

a. Collect substance and personnel info from clients.
b. Verify the substance within the scope of REACH or not.
c. Deliver news and updates to clients and communicating with ECHA.
d. Submit pre-registration via REACH-IT.

2. Communication in pre-SIEF (Substance Information Exchange Forum):

a. Check the substance identification in pre-SIEF.
b. Communicate in pre-SIEF to confirm
c. Deliver news and updates to clients with registrants in pre-SIEF.

3. Communication with importers:

a. Inform related importers that the substance is pre-registered.
b. Notify the result of pre-registration.
c. Deliver news and updates to clients

David Chen, Vice President of Sales/Marketing at SinoApps, described how SinoApps online solution is compelling to many customers. "It's clear from our work in the field, that traditional software and consulting services can't address the product-oriented compliance requirements of REACH. SinoApps online solution enables manufacturers to fully comply with REACH without high cost consulting or complex system setup" said Chen. More information on SinoApps REACH solution is available online at

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SinoApps is the first and only company that provides online solutions to give you the ability to generate China RoHS Compliance and EU REACH online.

SinoApps has pioneered the development of the online technology to provide EU REACH services in a cost effective model. In addition, SinoApps enables generating, translating, tracking and storing China RoHS Declaration report over Internet without the hassle of purchasing, installing and maintaining any enterprise software. SinoApps has helped its clients completely eliminate the cost of maintaining any China RoHS compliance software.

SinoApps has offices in both China and the U.S. They work closely with various Chinese government agencies to ensure you comply with the latest and most accurate China RoHS regulations. If you would like more information regarding SinoApps, please contact at

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