Weight Loss Without Diet and Heavy Exercise?

As Seen On TV.Info, Inc. announces the results of its evaluation of a weight loss and health improvement program called Oxycise!

Cape Coral, FL, June 14, 2008 --(PR.com)-- As Seen On TV.Info, Inc. (ASOTVI) www.asotv.info announced today the results of its evaluation of a revolutionary weight loss and health improvement program that isn’t based upon calorie restrictions or structured diets of any kind, with no aerobic or weight-based exercises, no surgery, no chemicals, no supplements, nor any of the traditional methods people have used to try and achieve substantial and permanent weight loss.

The program is called Oxycize!, developed by Jill Johnson of Littleton, CO, and is based on a focused technique of deep breathing and a series of isometric and stretching exercises. It involves no sweating or straining, and no starvation or prepackaged food diets. And according to independent laboratory tests conducted at the University of Southern California and the University of Colorado – it not only works, but in only 15 minutes a day burns 40% more calories than exercising on a stationary bike.

The simplicity of how it works recognizes a simple scientific fact in biochemistry:

“The molecules of fats are made up of atoms of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. When those molecules are combined with additional oxygen atoms (oxidation) the products are carbon dioxide (made up of atoms of oxygen and carbon) and water (made up of atoms of oxygen and hydrogen.)” Isaac Asimov, On the Human Body.

Focused deep breathing aerobically oxygenates the body directly and the expels the byproduct of carbon dioxide, as opposed to performing aerobic exercises or heavy resistance training in order to create oxygen demand by the muscles and thus increase the respiration rate and thereby improve the oxygen-CO2 exchange.

Think of the Oxycise! process as a strategy of directly “pushing” oxygen toward the fat, which oxidizes (burns) it as a simple chemical reaction, as opposed to the strategy of indirectly “pulling” greater oxygen in as a consequence of traditional exercise, both of which strategies ultimately accomplish the same thing. However, the Oxycize! program does it far more efficiently, without the sweat and strain, leveraging basic principles of chemistry to oxidize fat and thereby reduce weight, while at the same time increasing energy and alertness.

In a group study of eight test subjects, in only three weeks the average weight loss was 6.75 pounds each. Read the full review and find out more about this program at www.asotv.info.

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