Cellphone Makers from China to Lead Mobile Phone Industry, Chinavasion

The New Apple 3G iPhone is out, but is it really that innovative? Find out how Chinese cell phone makers are going to be the innovators in the wholesale mobile phone industry for 2008.

Shenzhen, China, June 14, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Forget your iPhones, Blackberries or N65's. Cellphones from China are going to be the leading innovators in the mobile phone industry for 2008.

According to market research company, Global Sources, China's total production of mobile phones in 2007 was about 450 million units, 45 percent of the total global output.

A large number of mobile phone manufacturers entered the market in the first half of 2008 after the Chinese Government allowed more private companies to register themselves as mobile phone manufacturers.

Bigger-name players like ZTE Lenovo and Huawei Technologies beginning to build brand name overseas face competitors from new players in market.

According to Chinavasion PR manager, Rose Li, there has been immense activity in this quarter with dozens of companies opening up in the last few months alone.

"The growth in this industry in China is really a double-edged sword because cellphones in China can't compete on price like they used to so have to find other ways to differentiate themselves from competitors," said Rose Li.

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