Author Publishes Book About the Founding of Natchitoches, Louisiana

Keith R. Rees has published a historical fiction novella about the founding of Natchitoches in 1714 by Louis de St. Denis.

Austin, TX, June 14, 2008 --( Author and poet Keith R. Rees has recently published his second book, a historical fiction novella about the founding of Natchitoches. The title of the book is Legend Upon the Cane, and was self-published under, the online marketplace for digital content.

Mr. Rees based the fictional account on true persons and events that led to the founding of Natchitoches in 1714 by Louis Juchereau de St. Denis.

It is the tale of the courageous chief of the Natchitoches Indians and his friendship with St. Denis. The story follows the life of the chief as he leads his tribe from the banks of the Sabine River to the lush surroundings of the Cane River. He is faced with many challenges, which includes their move to lands unknown to them near the bayous of South Louisiana. It is here they face an epic battle to win their freedom and bravely escape to their homeland. Upon their historic return to the Cane River in 1714 with St. Denis, they together establish what is now known as the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase, Natchitoches.

In his research for the project, Mr. Rees worked diligently to try and retain the factual events as much as possible in order to preserve the legacy of the town’s founding. “Growing up in Natchitoches, I was always intrigued by the fact that Natchitoches was the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase,” Rees said. “It holds a significant place in American history that gives an obvious sense of pride to the people of Natchitoches.”

The book is available online and is also available locally at The Book Merchant bookstore, located at 512 Front Street in downtown Natchitoches.

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Keith R. Rees is a systems administrator with IBM Corporation. He resides in Austin, Texas with his wife, Jessica. His book can be found at
Keith Rees