Fair Trade Gaming Announces Ten-Ten 21

Ten-Ten 21™ is a variation of the very popular game of Blackjack. It is a side bet that allows the Player to win on the Dealer's 10 value up card. If the Dealer's up card is not a (10, J, Q, K) the bet loses.

South Lake Tahoe, NV, April 08, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Fair Trade Gaming Corporation has introduced a new version of blackjack that will prove to be exceptionally popular. Ten-Ten 21 is a compelling betting option. Players will make this bet before they make their blackjack bet.

Gaming Inventor Fernando Terminel, president of Fair Trade Gaming Corporation, realized that blackjack players feel defeated the minute they see the Dealer with a ten up card. Ten-Ten is the result of this keen observation during his more than 29 years as a games dealer. By observing gamblers, he often notice blackjack players anxiety when the Dealer has a ten showing. He understood that he could solve this intimidation factor by allowing Players to bet on that option.

Ten-Ten 21 is a variation of the very popular game of Blackjack. It is a side bet that allows the player to bet on the dealer’s cards. If the dealer’s up card is not a 10-value card, the bet loses. If the dealer’s up card is a 10-value card, it pays up to 6 to 1 depending on what the dealer’s hole card is:

Hole Card     Pay
2 to 9        1 to 1
10-value    3 to 1
Ace            6 to 1

If the dealer has two 10s (no face cards) and the player has a blackjack, the player is paid 40 to 1.

The side bet translates into increased profits for the casino and more variety for the customer. In addition, Ten-Ten 21 offers 12 bets rather than the traditional 6, offering the customer more variety and the casino more opportunity for profits. Ten-Ten 21 also provides a house advantage that achieves the ideal balance between keeping the casino and the customers happy with a value added product and a game that requires only a few moments training. Another advantage to Ten-Ten 21 is all the player’s have something in common, they are cheering for the side bet which will advertise and encourage other players to join in.

Ten-Ten 21 and Fair Trade’s other blackjack side bets, Field Gold 21, Dare Any Pair 21 ‘Dealers Gone Wild’ each conform to the company’s overall philosophy: become a part of a casino's profits, not its costs.

When a casino purchases a Fair Trade Gaming product, it is acquiring a game destined for popularity among gamblers. In addition to all the profit making side bets on blackjack, Terminel has invented his own board game, A-Tension, which has provided hours of entertainment for countless families. His ingenuity also recently spawned "Five Card Flash," which provides an exciting new twist to poker.

For more information about Ten-Ten 21 and how to give your blackjack games a whole new twist for a relatively small cost to your casino or other Fair Trade Gaming products, please contact us and call 1-800-376-GAME.

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Fernando N. Terminel