New Weight Loss Technology Benefits Natural Foods Diet

Edwardsburg, MI, June 16, 2008 --( New weight loss technology from Health Fit Counters, Inc., gives natural foods dieters a way to keep track of their eating habits.

"With a natural foods diet, or whole foods diet, you seek out foods as close to their natural state as possible," said Nap Napowocki, creator of HealthFitCounter ( "This lifestyle change encourages people to shift their eating habits towards more nourishing food. But it can take some time to get used to, especially if you're switching from the typical diet of processed foods."

Many people may not be aware of the kinds of food they eat, or the amount of processed food they consume on a daily basis. Keeping track of processed foods versus natural foods can derail natural food dieting efforts before they have a chance to gain momentum. Modern weight loss technology gives dieters the edge they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A handheld diet counter, the HealthFitCounter allows users to track exactly what they eat. Foods are accessed by category, such as fruits and vegetables, breads and cereal, and meats and fish. Users can even make a list of favorite foods, which enables them to add the foods eaten most often even faster.

"It can be difficult to get your weight loss started with a natural foods diet initially," Napowocki said. "With the HealthFitCounter, you can keep track of exactly what you're eating. You can set daily goals to help yourself ease into the new diet, and the HealthFitCounter will help you see where you are in meeting those goals."

Many dieters have utilized the tracking and accountability provided by the HealthFitCounter weight loss technology to lose weight and keep it off long-term.

"I purchased the PDA version of the software and became educated on healthy eating," said client Wayne Miller, who has lost 40 pounds over seven months. "After retiring from the service 10 years ago, I gained 50 pounds with a lazy lifestyle. Your product has helped me lose 40 and I am on my way to the 50."

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The handheld nutrition and diet device can be used as a calorie calculator with any dietary program and can be customized to fit any individual's specific diet needs. You always know at a glance how many calories, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, sugar, etc. you have eaten at any time of the day. The daily totals (for the last 30 days) are stored into memory and are available at the touch of a button. Whether you're trying to lose weight, control your cholesterol or Diabetes, get in shape, or monitor diet specific needs, the HealthFitCounter is the perfect tool.

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