iUniverse Would Like to Announce the Release of Krissi Swan by K.S. Zitkus

Bloomington, IN, June 14, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Author Sends Powerful Message of Beauty and Dignity to Young Girls in First Novel.

In a time where appearance and “sexiness” is marketed so heavily to young girls—even as young as nine or ten—the pressure is on for them to have a certain image in order to be accepted by their peers. Motivated by the alarming success of this trend, particularly novels targeted to young girls involving bad language, inappropriate sexual situations and an alarming focus on appearance, author K.S. Zitkus decided to write an entertaining short novel encouraging young girls to respect themselves, especially by making wise choices when they go shopping for clothes in her first book, Krissi Swan: Cover-Up Girl.

Krissi Swan: Cover-Up Girl is the story of 13-year-old Krissi who has endured the verbal attacks and criticisms of her bossy classmate, Jenny, since the fourth grade. Jenny, the self-appointed leader of the school’s fashion police, thinks Krissi’s clothes are old-fashioned, and Krissi thinks Jenny’s clothes are too trendy and a tad too tight.

Nevertheless, Krissi never gives up wanting to be Jenny’s friend and cannot understand why Jenny is so cruel and bullying. After Jenny realizes Krissi’s genuine care for her, ultimately she reveals her deep secret, and through it, gains renewed self-esteem and even ends up helping Krissi run the Cover-Up Girl Style Show.

Readers are encouraged to visit the book’s web site, www.coverupgirl.com, to listen to an original song “Cover-Up Girl” written by the author’s daughter, Kasia Livingston, a number-one hit songwriter. Livingston designed the song for the climax of the storyline, The Cover-Up Girl Style Show, that demonstrates how a little ingenuity can turn a little-too-trendy outfit into one with style, character and dignity.

Zitkus’ timely novel sends a powerful message to the young girls of our time, challenging them to look beneath the surface and value themselves and others on a far greater level than looks alone. During a time when so much emphasis is placed on appearance, Zitkus demonstrates the fulfillment adolescents can receive by looking beyond external appearances.

About the Author
K.S. Zitkus was born in Madison, Wisconsin, and graduated from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. She is an advocate for many social and political issues, one of which is a return to age-appropriate clothing. A mother of three and a new grandmother, the author currently resides and writes in Tucson, Arizona.

ISBN: 978-0-595-42674-3; Published October 2007; iUniverse; Paperback $10.95; 5.5 x 8.5; 118 Pages

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