Game On! Implements New Draft Beer Technology

Sports bar adopts new cost-cutting solution to enhance profitability.

Syracuse, NY, June 14, 2008 --( Draft beer is a major revenue producer for a venue like Game On! which is located inside the world renowned Fenway Park in Boston. Draft beer is also, by nature, highly susceptible to wastage and pilferage if there aren’t adequate controls in place. Some estimates put the amount of draft beer lost due to inadequate controls close to 25%. With the restaurant industry already battling with a tough economic environment, some operators are looking to innovative solutions to protect their bottom-line. Game On!, owned by Lyons Group, recently implemented a new draft beer technology that allows their management to remotely monitor draft beer flow and cut down on any losses due to staff negligence or theft. The web-based software technology offered by Syracuse, NY based US Beverage Net is gaining popularity with cost conscious restaurant and bar owners around the country.

Since draft beer is dispensed out of kegs that contain anywhere between 1000 to 2000 ounces of beer, there is lack of visibility between how many ounces are served versus how many ounces are paid for. This lack of visibility typically means a significant amount of product lost due to pilferage or waste. US Beverage Net offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective tool that compares how much draft beer is poured against how much is actually paid for. The company offers its web-based services for a low monthly subscription fee that helps restaurant owners justify the return on investment quite easily.

As a multi-media entertainment destination, Game On! offers sports fans the ultimate experience -- an array of high definition plasma televisions tuned to the day's hottest sporting events, a state-of-the-art sound system, and Wi-Fi internet access. It is no surprise then, that draft beer is one of their top sellers on a typical game day. "The sheer volume of draft beer that Game On! Fenway serves, makes US Beverage Net the perfect fit for their team," says Josh Solomon, Director of Sales for US Beverage Net. “That, combined with Lyons Group's professional management makes US Beverage Net a very valuable tool for the owners.”

In times of soft market conditions when revenues are taking a hit, restaurants are also struggling with rising expenses as food, beverage, and energy costs go up. Cutting costs by streamlining operations seems to be a good tactic to protect the bottom-line without affecting customer experience.

About Lyons Group
Lyon’s Group is an entertainment, food and beverage development company formed in 1981 by Patrick Lyons and Edward Sparks. Currently the company owns and operates some thirty venues around the Boston area and at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT. The group’s list of properties ranges from top-notch eateries such as Sansie, Harvard Gardens, and Jasper White Summer Shack to popular entertainment destinations such as Avalon, Kings, Game On!, and The Big Easy. Lyons Group was also the co-founder and co-creator of the House of Blues with Isaac Tigrett.

About US Beverage Net, Inc.
US Beverage Net, Inc. (USBN) is “the” beverage monitoring and data-management company that offers web-based inventory control, data research, and marketing solutions to a customer and supply chain network consisting of high volume bars, restaurants, concessionaires, distributors, and suppliers. Established in July 2005, USBN offers a patent-pending solution that enhances beverage inventory control efficiencies and maximizes profits by reducing beverage waste and loss. By tracking ounces of draft beer flow and sales in real time, the USBN solution reduces variances (product lost due to wastage or giveaways), offers improved inventory management, and tracks brand performance in real time.

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