Fair Trade Gaming Announces Field Gold 21

Field Gold 21™ is one of the hottest new blackjack side bets on the market today. It provides players with another twist on an old favorite…a traditional blackjack game with an Optional side bet wager. Side bets win on any “Field” number (2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12) from the craps table.

South Lake Tahoe, NV, April 08, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Fair Trade Gaming Corporation has introduced a new version of blackjack that eliminates the biggest customer complaint seen with the original game, creating added excitement variation to an old favorite.

Field Gold 21 is one of the hottest new blackjack side bets on the market. Unlike regular blackjack, where players find that cards totaling 12 come up often and can be a losing hand, in Field Gold 21, players are rewarded for a 12 and for any number on the field, as long as they wager on the side bet.

Gaming expert Fernando Terminel, president of Fair Trade Gaming Corporation, has created this explosive new version of blackjack. Dealt with a single deck, double deck, or six-deck shoe. Field Gold 21 blends the strategy of blackjack with the challenges of craps. The basic blackjack rules apply, but Field Gold 21 offers gamblers the ability to win on any number on the field. Here's the deal to be a winner in the field: In addition to making the regular blackjack bet, the player can choose to place a side bet. To win the side bet, the player's first two cards must total any of the numbers on the field: 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12. The winning player is then paid 2 to 1.

Field Gold 21 has shattered the old shape of blackjack due to the fact that it is a newer, more appealing version of an old favorite. Field Gold 21 is the result of Terminel's keen observations during his more than 20 years as a games dealer. By observing gamblers, he often heard blackjack players complain "not another 12" He realized that because of the many combinations of getting a 12, the ability to win on a 12 is a key selling point to casino customers. Fair Trade Gaming's Field Gold 21 addresses this complaint and gives the customers what they've been asking for all along.

The side bets do not interrupt natural flow of game. This translates into increased profits for the casino and more variety for the customer. In addition, Field Gold 21 offers 12 bets rather than the traditional 6, offering the customer more variety and the casino more opportunity for profits. Field Gold 21 also provides a house advantage that achieves the ideal balance between keeping the casino and the customers happy with a value added product and a game that requires only a few moments training.

Field Gold 21 and Fair Trade Gaming's other blackjack side bets, Dare Any Pair 21 'Dealer's Gone Wild', Ten Ten 21, and NoBall Roulette each conform to the company's overall philosophy: become a part of a casino's profits, not its costs. The company offers quality, exciting table games at prices far below the competition. When a casino purchases a Fair Trade Gaming product, it is acquiring a game destined for popularity among gamblers. Terminel knows what motivates casino players. For 24 years he has worked as a dealer in the casino industry where he interacts daily with hundreds of casino customers.

In addition to Field Gold 21, Dare Any Pair 21 'Dealer's Gone Wild', Ten Ten 21, and NoBall Roulette, Terminel has invented his own board game, A-Tension, which has provided hours of entertainment for countless families. His ingenuity also recently spawned Five Card Flash Poker, which provides an exciting new twist to poker. Flash Poker is twice as fast and has twice the progressive bets of Caribbean Stud and Let it Ride.

For more information about Field Gold 21 or other Fair Trade Gaming products, please visit FairTradeGaming.com or call 1-800-376-GAME.

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