New Expose Takes a Penetrating Look at Omega-3 Food Labeling, Omega-6 and Inflammation

A fascinating exposé into the latest health food buzzword: Omega-3 appearing on more food products every week.

Coconut Grove, FL, June 14, 2008 --( There are many unusual aspects to Lois Smithers’ new book launching June 17th, The Food Industry’s Greed: How Misleading Labeling of Omega-3 Foods Undermines American Health – Inflammation and Omega-6” one of which is two available formats, print and e-book.

There are 44 links in the expose to on-line, hard to access research that tells the story of how products labeled Omega-3 came to total 317 in 2007, the Omega-6 connection to inflammation with governmental transcripts and messages from respected medical communities. Messages, the author says, are otherwise obscured by marketing hype.

Lois Smithers says, “An e-book format let’s the reader follow each source link on line that tell a story of the evolution of Omega-3 products and how Omega-6s in processed foods for 50 years have contributed to an epidemic of poor health. If they prefer the print version, there are instructions in the book to access the hyperlinked (click-able) index on-line. Following those links is essential for consumers to understand how the Omega-6 abundance has harmed the health of a nation.

And a caveat from Lois Smithers, “You won't find words in the book that say how you should eat, what to buy or how to shop. What you will read is unquestionable research from science that helps educate consumers about inflammation to make the best choices.”

The second unusual aspect is a close look at Omega-6s in processed foods and their connection to inflammation. The author says, “Very few consumers are aware of the high Omega-6 content these foods have and have always had. Processed foods are not “real” food in any nutritional sense but knowing their link to inflammation is vital information every one needs to know.” The author thoroughly, yet objectively, leads consumers through research and information to help them draw their own conclusions.

While the food industry has been taken to task for years for confusing labeling, this book focuses on the Omega-3 aspect of labeling with a special significance to the lack of health benefits those products bring – benefits consumers have come to associate with Omega-3.

Much has been written over the past decade about our need for Omega-3 with just as much misleading about the best sources to add to our diets. The Food Industry’s Greed shows how food has been falsely marketed to consumers and teaches them to be wise by reading labels for the Omega-6 content. Her work is based upon the current scientific literature but is an easy, page-turning read for consumers of any age and educational level.

Having personally experienced the ying-yang relationship of Omega-3 and Omega-6 connection to inflammation, the author uses research to share with consumers what she personally experienced. Clearly, she substantiates how products labeled “a good source of omega-3s” and “omega-3 fatty acids added” require a very close look.

The author removes the “stamp of approval” from these labels by divulging the ingredients in those products through an engrossing, comprehensive look through their evolution. A fascinating expose into the health food buzzword Omega-3 appearing on more products every week.

The omega-3 book, The Food Industry's Greed: How Misleading Labeling of Omega-3 Foods Undermines American Health, can be found at

About Lois Smithers
Lois Smithers, a life-long equestrian, had several competition injuries including two fractured vertebrae. When injuries appeared to resurface in 1995, unanimous diagnoses were “aging” until 2005 when adding Omega-3 quieted inflammation quickly. Grateful and mystified those years had to happen, she spent the next 3 years immersed in researching Omega-3, Omega-6 and the inflammation link to foods.

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