SureQuran Unveils Innovative AI-Assisted Quran Translation: A New Era in Quranic Translation

Groundbreaking Quran Translation Combines Scholar Expertise and AI Technology

Plano, TX, January 10, 2024 --( In a significant development in Quranic studies, Talal Itani, a renowned scholar in Quranic translation, has collaborated with advanced artificial intelligence to produce a unique translation of the Quran, available at This pioneering effort marks a novel integration of human scholarly insight with the latest in AI technology.

Innovative Fusion of Tradition and Technology

Talal Itani, who brings together his extensive knowledge of the Quran with his expertise in software engineering and AI, has spearheaded this project. The translation aims to provide a deep understanding of the Quran's teachings, capturing its poetic beauty and the subtleties of its messages.

Key Features of the New Translation

Clarity and Accessibility: Designed for ease of understanding, this translation aims to make the Quran's teachings accessible to a diverse audience.
Precision and Fidelity: The translation carefully maintains fidelity to the original text, reflecting the Quran's depth and guidance.

Contemporary Language Usage

By employing modern English, this translation bridges the gap between ancient scripture and today's readers.
Poetic Interpretation: The translation also endeavors to capture the Quran's poetic essence.

Unbiased Approach

The translation is presented without personal or sectarian biases, offering a pure interpretation of the Quran.

High Linguistic Standards

The translation adheres to high grammatical standards, with a focus on clarity and readability for a wide age range.

A Collaborative Process

Acknowledging the limitations of AI in fully grasping the Quran's essence, Itani has developed a hybrid approach. This method combines AI's computational abilities with his scholarly insights, involving iterative translation, careful word and sentence selection, and meticulous editing.

A Resource for All

This translation is intended for a wide audience, transcending religious boundaries, and inviting people from various backgrounds to explore the Quran's universal messages. Released under a Creative Commons license, it supports free sharing and engagement with the Quran's teachings.

Explore the Translation

The public is invited to visit to explore this new translation and discover a transformative approach to experiencing the Quran. For further information or inquiries, contact Talal Itani at

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