Author Nealie Miller’s New Book, "A Fresh Start," Follows the Story of a Family Who Ends Up with Nothing, Only to be Blessed with the Chance for a New Start Through God

Recent release “A Fresh Start” from Covenant Books author Nealie Miller is a compelling, true story of how the author and his family wound up losing everything in life, only to find themselves blessed by the Lord with everything they needed to create a fresh, new start for themselves and craft a new life.

Author Nealie Miller’s New Book, "A Fresh Start," Follows the Story of a Family Who Ends Up with Nothing, Only to be Blessed with the Chance for a New Start Through God
Montgomery, IN, January 03, 2024 --( Nealie Miller, who currently lives in Montgomery, Indiana with his wife, Malinda, and two of their seven children, has completed his new book, “A Fresh Start”: a powerful story that documents how the author and his family lost everything, but through their faith and determination, were able to rebuild their lives better than ever before.

Author Nealie Miller and his wife greatly enjoy traveling together and spend much of their time traveling by bus to experience different parts of the country. When he’s not on the road, the author is often home cleaning or working on his buses, reading, or on his computer writing His other hobby is being in his little woodworking shop refurbishing old furniture and making it look new or antique-like, for resale.

“A true story of a man who nearly lost his entire family to a world he never dreamed possible, ever. Only by the grace of God are we where we are today,” writes Miller. He continues, “This story will take you from their best date night ever in Ohio. Through a struggling furniture business after marriage. A move to Pinecraft Florida where business thrived for them for a season. Then it was a move to Fresh Start, a facility in Indiana to help them find their way once again, after a series of struggles because of how sin had a way to beset their lives.

“This family graduated Fresh Start with basically only the clothes on their back, no place to live, no money in the bank, and seven hungry children to feed. But we were out with a brand-new start, truly a Fresh Start in life, Jesus in our hearts, and a bright new future. And it has paid off well for them, God has blessed this family richly threefold. Serve the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind. A must-read. Please enjoy our story.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Nealie Miller’s new book is guaranteed to capture the hearts of readers as they discover how God saved the author and his family from sin and destruction, delivering them to salvation despite the challenges they faced along the way. Thought-provoking and deeply personal, “A Fresh Start” delivers a powerful message of how God can save anyone and bring family from nothing to being blessed beyond measure.

Readers can purchase “A Fresh Start” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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