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Earthquake Victims in China to be Aided by Humanity First

Silver Spring, MD, June 15, 2008 --( The earthquake that hit central China on May 12 left people shaken in bordering Thailand and Vietnam and much destruction in its wake. An official death count stands a month after the destruction at 69,146, with another 17,516 still missing. In the Sichuan Province alone, 80% of the buildings were torn down by the quake. Thousands of children were trapped in schools, and many commuters were forced to remain underground as much infrastructure was ruptured. Electrical outages left thousands in the darkness as a total of 313 aftershocks continued to keep survivors weary of more destruction to come.

A Humanity First medical team is awaiting the clearance of visas by the Chinese government. HF USA plans to send in a seven member medical team to the city of Changdu to provide medical care for victims through the use of field medical camps. In conjunction with local services, HF plans to work in an area assigned by Chinese authorities to provide much needed medical relief to victims in the area.

HF is encouraging donors to continue supporting funds to be used in relief efforts in China and long term reconstruction.

Humanity First, USA (, a 501(c) 3- registered charity, is the US chapter of Humanity First International (, which was established in the early 1990's to restore disaster-stricken and under-developed and vulnerable communities around the globe. Humanity First USA is a leading non-profit relief organization whose board of directors, management team, and project staff running the day-to-day operations are all unpaid volunteers with diverse professional backgrounds including business, healthcare, and education sectors. All personal expenses are met by the volunteers to maximize the use of funds raised and donated for those in need. As of today Humanity First USA has expanded to 19 countries worldwide.

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