New “fasting to Feed” Campaign Launches During the Month of Ramadan

New “fasting to Feed” Campaign Launches During the Month of Ramadan

Humanity First USA (HFUSA), with the support of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, is launching its Fasting to Feed campaign during the final 10 days of Ramadan this year through June 6, 2019, in an effort to help Americans suffering from hunger. By fasting for over 16 hours a day during this month,... - May 26, 2019

Humanity First USA Launches National Donate a Lunch Day

Humanity First USA Urges Support from all Americans to Fight Hunger in America Humanity First USA will launch its national Donate a Lunch Day on June 10, 2017. This day aims to combat hunger, which currently impacts 50 million Americans. Humanity First USA encourages its supporters to skip one... - June 05, 2017

Humanitarian Organization Raises Awareness, Funds for Guatemalan Projects

Humanity First Guatemala Executive Director to speak in Chicago about humanitarian projects. - June 05, 2013

Volunteers Return to Guatemala for 2nd Medical Outreach Camp

Students, medical volunteers prepare to provide medical services and medicine to thousands of rural Guatemalans. - February 15, 2013

Humanity First USA Awarded NVIDIA Foundation’s 2012 High Impact Grant

International humanitarian non-profit organization receives $50,000 for community development project - February 07, 2013

Humanity First USA Executive Director Visits Mali and Liberia

Mr. Munum Naeem travels to West Africa with leadership team to evaluate ongoing humanitarian projects. - January 05, 2013

Humanity First Continues Responding to Hurricane Sandy

Volunteer based non-profit organization continues to provide relief efforts to thousands after devastation. - November 18, 2012

“Walk for Humanity” Event Organized to Support Humanity First USA

MKA USA is holding the “Walk for Humanity” in the New York area, the Washington D.C. area, and the Chicagoland area on September 28th and September 29th. The purpose of the event is to raise funds for organizations that strive to save lives and improve the quality of life of individuals... - September 29, 2012

Volunteers Ride Cross Country for Humanity: “Bisiklet For Haiti”

Dr. Clayton Bell, Humanity First USA’s Country Director to Haiti, and occupational therapist Jeanie Zelinkski collectively spent the past 3 and a half years living in Haiti and serving the people in the “Land of the Spirits.” They have now returned home and embarked upon an epic... - June 05, 2012

Humanity First Celebrates World Water Day 2012

Every year on March 22, World Water Day is celebrated by all United Nations member countries and organizations as a reminder that access to clean drinking water is one of the fundamental human rights. Humanity First volunteers, donors and supporters came together on March 22, 2012 with a renewed... - March 28, 2012

Humanity First USA Donates $14,000 to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency at New York "Dine for Humanity" Event

Humanity First USA presented a check of $14,000 to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) at the New York “Dine for Humanity” fundraising dinner on Wednesday, May 7, 2012. Richard Wright, the Director of UNRWA, accepted the check from Humanity First USA Operations Director... - March 17, 2012

Humanity First Sadiq Organic Farm Provides Healthy Options, Inspires Local Community

There is an alarming increase in the growth of food deserts in America in both rural and urban areas and as a direct result, a variety of health problems are developing in the affected communities as well. Food deserts in America are not necessarily defined by the absence of food, but rather, they... - February 26, 2012

University of Michigan Students Travel to Guatemala for Medical Mission with Humanity First USA

14 undergraduate students join a team of physicians to provide basic primary care in Masagua, Guatemala at Humanity First medical camp. - February 26, 2012

UC Berkeley Alumnus Provides Water, Opportunities to Ghanaian Communities

Saad Karamat returns from Ghana after developing needs assessment study, maximizing Humanity First's water project impact. - February 26, 2012

Young Volunteer Approved for Girls Scouts Gold Award Project, Helps Give Gift of Sight

Samiya Ijaz, a 16 year-old student at Pacific Ridge School and a resident of San Diego, is helping put humanity first through her volunteering with the Girl Scouts of America. She began wearing glasses at a young age, and soon realized that while she is able to correct her vision problem with... - February 26, 2012

Annual "Dine for Humanity" Event in New York City on March 7, 2012

Humanity First USA will be holding the annual "Dine for Humanity" fundraising dinner on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 from 6pm to 8pm, at the Abigail Adams Ballroom in Manhattan, New York. The event will be raising funds for the Humanity First humanitarian and disaster relief programs. The... - February 26, 2012

Humanity First USA Executive Director Travels to Haiti, Expand Local Projects

On Thursday, February 16, 2012, Humanity First USA Executive Director, Munum Naeem traveled to Haiti to meet with the Humanity First team and discuss plans for future humanitarian projects in local communities. Dr. Aslam Daud, the chairman for Humanity First Canada, also joined Mr. Naeem; the... - February 17, 2012

Humanity First Haiti Director Travels to Panama with Loyola Global Brigade Volunteers

Doctor and volunteers to provide free medical and dental care to local communities - January 08, 2012

Local Surgeon Runs in Southern California Half Marathon to Give Gift of Sight

Orange County ophthalmologist raises funds and awareness for annual Gift of Sight eye clinic in Guatemala. - January 05, 2012

Humanity First Team Travels to Ghana for Water for Life Project

Refurbishing 50 Water Pumps with Humanity First Ghana Team. - December 28, 2011

Vice President of Liberia Inaugurates Humanity First Vocational and Technical Training Institute

On November 24, 2011, the official opening of the Humanity First Vocational and Technical Training Institute took place with the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai, as the chief guest and keynote speaker. More than twenty dignitaries attended the ceremony, including the... - December 28, 2011

Local Doctors Head to Guatemala with Humanity First

Team of Physicians traveling to Guatemala to perform as many free surgeries and eye exams. - October 14, 2011

Humanity First USA Sends a Team of Doctors and Medical Staff to Ghana

Team’s goal to train the local hospital staff with latest surgical techniques - May 03, 2010

Humanity First Medical Volunteer Returns Home from Haiti

After serving hundreds of patients for more than a week in Haiti, Dr. Omar Shmas, Humanity First Disaster Relief Medical volunteer is returning to the United States on Saturday, January 23. Dr. Shams will be arriving at New Orleans International (MSY) airport, at 10:45 PM CT. Dr. Shams is a... - January 25, 2010

Humanity First Medical Team Lead Returns to the US from Haiti

Humanity First First Responder Returns from Haiti for assessment briefing - January 23, 2010

Humanity First Deploys First Responders to Haiti

Since the earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday 12th January, estimates suggest that over 50,000 people have died, and the Interior Minister, Paul Antoine Bien-Aime is even suggesting as many as 200,000 deaths. Over 3 million people are affected, many living on the streets for fear of other... - January 18, 2010

Humanity First USA Celebrates the UN's Humanitarian Day with a Generous Donation

The United Nations celebrated its first anniversary of Humanitarian Day on Wednesday, August 19, 2009. To celebrate this occasion, Munum Naeem, Executive director of Humanity First USA (HFUSA) met with the Director of UNRWA (a subsidiary organ of the United Nations), Mr. Andrew Whitley, and donated $20,000 on behalf of HFUSA. - August 23, 2009

Ghana Surgical Mission - Free Surgeries for Those in Need

The Humanity First surgical team to Ghana continues its mission to help local doctors and improve the quality of surgical care in Africa. The team started its mission this year on August 5th, 2009 at the Korle Bu hospital, the main teaching hospital in Ghana's capital, Accra. So far, the team has performed 21 Free operations and plans to do about 20 more in the remaining days of their surgical mission. - August 20, 2009

Humanity First to Aid Hurricane Ike Victims

Sunday saw great devastation in Texas and other southern parts of the country when Hurricane Ike made landfall. Sweeping first through the Caribbean and claiming 80 lives, the category 2 storm proceeded into the Gulf, submerging Galveston followed by mainland Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. With... - September 17, 2008

Earthquake Victims in China to be Aided by Humanity First

The earthquake that hit central China on May 12 left people shaken in bordering Thailand and Vietnam and much destruction in its wake. An official death count stands a month after the destruction at 69,146, with another 17,516 still missing. In the Sichuan Province alone, 80% of the buildings were... - June 15, 2008

Myanmar Victims Aided by Humanity First

The deadly category III cyclone Nargis that devastated Myanmar on May 2 has left thousands destitute and unaided weeks after the blow. In an immediate response to the natural disaster, Humanity First volunteers in Bangkok, Thailand, met with UN OCHA teams to collaborate in efforts to deploy large... - June 15, 2008

Humanity First to Provide Clean Water to Over One Million People

In a recent effort to aid victims still suffering from the wreckage caused by the 2005 earthquake in northern Pakistan, Humanity First has initiated a water filtration project that is projected to provide water accessibility to 1.26 million people. With Humanity First’s investment of over... - May 10, 2008

Humanity First Continues to Provide Aid to Peru Earthquake Victims

Following the disastrous 8.0 earthquake which greatly disrupted the livelihood of southern Peru, Humanity First deployed a first responder team to many villages, eventually bringing much needed food and medicinal care to victims. More than half a year later, the region is still struck with poverty,... - March 13, 2008

Humanity First USA Provides Relief in Peru After Earthquake Devastation

A massive 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Southern coast of Peru, taking the lives over 500 citizens with it. Over 1000 injuries have been accounted for, leaving tens of thousands of homes destroyed. Humanity First immediately deployed a First Response Team to alleviate the suffering victims with... - February 29, 2008

Humanity First Continues Aid to Bangladesh Cyclone Victims

As villages in Bangladesh continue to recover from the horrific Cyclone Sidr that landed in the country two weeks ago, aid continues to flow from nations around the world – but there is still much action needed. Humanity First has been assigned to provide a range of services to the devastated... - December 05, 2007

Cyclone Sidr Victims Aided by Humanity First

Cyclone Sidr met with Bangladesh’s shores on the evening of November 15th, and moved its way into the mainland. UN reports indicate that over 27 million people have been affected by the deadly tropical storm. The cyclone, according to national relief and rescue workers, has left an official... - November 23, 2007

Humanity First Continues to Serve Southern California Fire Disaster Victims and Evacuees

As residents return to the San Diego and Los Angeles areas to see if their homes survived the deadly fires that have been raging this past week, Humanity First continues to assess disaster and relief needs on a daily basis. In the past two days, Humanity First has carried through a number of... - October 30, 2007

Humanity First Fights Raging Fires in Southern California

The disastrous fires that lit up the night sky in southern California this past week are beginning to desist, but the same cannot be said for the damages that they are leaving behind. Aided by winds that stoked the fires and derailed efforts of firefighters, sixteen cities have been devastated and... - October 27, 2007

Volunteers of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Maryland Recognized for Their Relief Efforts in Peru

Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community volunteered with Humanity First USA to provide disaster relief assistance to Peru after the devastating earthquake that killed over 500 and left thousands homeless and injured on August 15, 2007. - September 03, 2007

Humanity First Initiates Peruvian Earthquake Relief Efforts

A powerful earthquake shook the southern coast of Peru last week for a span of two minutes, leaving hundreds dead and thousands injured. Efforts to aid the victims and destruction wrought by the 8.0 earthquake have begun by Humanity First, USA. With over 500 people dead, over 1000 injured, and an... - August 26, 2007

Humanity First USA Honors Ambassador of Qatar for $1.17 Million Gift for Hurricane Katrina Victims

His Excellency, Nasser Bin Hammad Al-Khalifa, Ambassador of Qatar, was honored in January this year in New Orleans by Humanity First USA for his assistance in relief to Hurricane Katrina victims. Using his $1.17 million dollar gift to help disaster struck victims, Humanity First was enabled to... - August 26, 2007

Humanity First Leading Technological Advances in Liberia and Guyana

From addressing the technological and educational needs of Liberia and Guyana to the recognition of Qatar’s valiant relief efforts, Humanity First has had an active year thus far. Beginning early this year in Monrovia, Liberia, Humanity First Liberia (HFL) launched its very first computer... - August 26, 2007

Humanity First Sends Aid to Pakistan

Hundreds of volunteers on the ground, providing shelter, food, and aid, Humanity First teams quickly arrived on the ground in northern Pakistan after last week’s earthquake devastated the region. Along with HF sister organizations, HF USA is providing food, water, and medicine to earthquake victims. - October 27, 2005

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