Secret High Efficiency Spark Plug Makes It's Debut in Street Driven Applications Improving Overall Engine Efficiency, Mileage and Power Output Above Any Other

Windsor, Canada, June 14, 2008 --( WeaponX Performance announced today that its revolutionary new spark plug is now available to consumers on its new Web site, The innovative spark plug uses an exclusive new Firing Technology that improves overall engine efficiency to levels never before seen in typical street oriented internal combustion engines. The ExtremeX spark plugs are currently in use by various organizations, specifically racing teams, that require the highest output spark possible to optimize the engines efficiency igniting the fuel mixture. With this technology and competitive advantage WeaponX is becoming a household name and has decided to release this highly kept industry secret spark plug to the public in an effort to help consumers find relief from skyrocketing gas prices all while improving overall engine response.

Gas prices have risen drastically over the last couple years with no relief in sight. Since this time gas prices have risen from under $2 a gallon to a national average of over $4 for a gallon of regular unleaded. All trends indicate that gas prices will likely continue to climb over the $6 level over the next year throughout the U.S. and Canada. This increase means that consumers are paying 100% more at the pump with a 200% increase soon to come.

“It can easily be seen that with the drastic decline of truck sales, and an increase of sub compact market sales, gas prices are exceeding the point where the average American consumer can cope. We at WeaponX have an elite level of engineers with patents on exclusive technology only used in race organizations to improve overall engine efficiency. With this technology we all felt that we had to make a stand for the general American consumer and while many teams are not happy about the release of these industry secret spark plugs we realize that giving the north American household some relief from this gas crises will help the economy and families having a hard time filling up at the pump. In addition, our spark plugs will also be helping to protect the environment and peoples health by lowering vehicle emissions that contribute to acid rain, smog, and global warming.” said Mark Lepore, owner of WeaponX Performance.

Unlike conventional spark plugs, which are only developed for the minimum output requirement from the factory due to cost restraints, the WeaponX Iridium design features an exclusive cutback technology which lowers the amount of wasted electrical energy and improves overall combustion by improving efficiency and increasing the length of time to ignite the fuel in the engines combustion chamber. Technology that generates a single long duration spark which no other spark plug can match. This advantage is what many race teams see with improved engine response and extended run times. Thanks to this unique design and cutting-edge firing technology, the WeaponX Iridium is able to ignite the air/fuel mixture approximately 35% longer than traditional spark plugs resulting in a vastly improved combustion event all while maximizing the utilization of the energy contained in the fuel and in the vehicles electrical system. This increased efficiency will help drivers increase their gas mileage by as much as 24%, or 4 miles to the gallon, all while maximizing engine performance, increasing spark plug change intervals and lowering harmful vehicle emissions which contributes to environmental pollution.

Other benefits of the WeaponX Iridium spark plugs include up to a 7% increase in horsepower and torque, cleaner engines and smoother engine response. Many existing customers using the technology have indicated that they noticed an immediate improvement in performance by as much as 12% after installing the plugs and dramatically gained 2-4MPG even in an existing high performance engine due to improved spark plug efficiency. One customer states "I was simply amazed that by a simple spark plug swap I gained 3 miles to the gallon and paid off the investment in a mere 6 months...! With a 60,000 mile lifespan these are giving me better performance and paying for themselves tenfold!"

The WeaponX Iridium spark plugs have been extensively tested for years in high performance vehicles for it's improved engine response characteristics and has been accepted by many companies as the new premier spark plug in the industry. With technology commonly used in high performance engines due to it's high efficiency characteristics it has now become the premier spark plug and is available to the general public for improved mileage and overall engine efficiency.

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Exclusively Engineered Spark Plug Design

Exclusively Engineered Spark Plug Design

Developed in Germany, these spark plugs were engineered and developed using existing industry secret designs and are currently undergoing application implementation for todays road going vehicles.