New Hotel Chain CEO Awarded with ‘Order of the Incas’ in the City of Puno, Perú

Lima, Peru, June 16, 2008 --( In recognition for his contribution to the promotion of Puno’s culture and folklore through the book “The Virgin of Lake Titicaca”, Dr. Jose Alvarez Blas, author and photographer, was awarded with the “Order of the Cradle of the Incas”, the highest distinction given by the provincial municipality of Puno.

The ceremony took place in the Council’s Chamber. Among the distinguished guests was the Mayor of Puno Ing. Luis Butron Castillo, as well as the directory and honorary prefects. Dr. Alvarez received the distinction by Council Account Nº 065-2008-CMPP.

In the book “The Virgin of Lake Titicaca”, the reader is guided through millenary Puno, full of history and fertile valleys where the mysticism of the celebration of the Virgin originates. Dr. Alvarez’ photographs promote in an artistically adequate manner, the culture and folklore of Puno.

For the commentary and presentation of the book, Dr. Alvarez counted with the collaboration of Luis Repetto Malaga, renowned museum-expert and current director of the Arts and Popular Tradition Museum of the Riva Aguero Institute, who recognized and lauded the quality of the work.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Jose Alvarez Blas is the CEO of Acqua Hotel Resort Spa, a hotel chain offering a destinations guide to Peru, with the aim to provide hospitality and tourism services of the highest quality as well as exclusive and locally-sourced spa treatments. In November 2008 they will inaugurate the first five-star hotel spa in the Sacred Valley of the Incas - Peru, featuring the largest spa in the country. Acqua also has developments in Cusco, the Paracas Bay, Arequipa, the Colca Valley and Puno down the pipeline.

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