Author Laura Young’s New Book, "Trial And (Mostly) Error: How to Grow Through What You Go Through," is a Candid Compilation of Personal Essays

Recent release “Trial And (Mostly) Error: How to Grow Through What You Go Through” from Newman Springs Publishing author Laura Young is a raw and revealing work by a self-proclaimed black sheep with a rebellious heart.

Author Laura Young’s New Book, "Trial And (Mostly) Error: How to Grow Through What You Go Through," is a Candid Compilation of Personal Essays
Lake Orion, MI, January 26, 2024 --( Laura Young, who lives with her husband and three children—Harlow, Phoenix, and Keller—in Michigan, has completed her new book, “Trial And (Mostly) Error: How to Grow Through What You Go Through”: a memorable compilation of personal essays that takes readers on a journey of self-evolution and discovery through stories and life lessons that are both relatable and entertaining.

Author Laura Young has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Wayne State University and earned her master’s degree from Concordia University in curriculum and instruction and educational leadership. She enjoys cooking and making traditional recipes with a healthier twist. She is ferociously passionate about motivating others to live with purpose and accept themselves for all that they are. “Trial and (Mostly) Error” is Laura’s first book.

Young writes, “The value of family is a huge part of who I am and who I want to be. Writing my history is therapeutic to me because knowing where I come from helps me stay grounded and find solace in the memories. It makes me want to provide the same for my children. Isn’t it true that we need to know where we came from to know where we’re headed? Either you want to replicate pieces of your past, or you want to do the exact opposite. And to be honest, the pieces will follow you, the good or the bad. They pop up in our personalities, and we get to make the decision of whether it is a piece we want to keep or discard.”

She continues, “I recently heard a quote that said, ‘The family you are building is more important than the family you came from.’ I can see what they’re saying. Although my immediate and extended family shaped me, supported me, and have known me my whole life, my immediate family is now my husband and the little humans we have made together. I am equal parts responsible for taking all the good and recreating it and taking all the not-so good and breaking the cycle.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Laura Young’s dynamic work features her “tell it like it is” style and leaves readers laughing, crying, and endlessly entertained. At the end of each chapter, readers will find a list of “challenges” to ask themselves before moving on. These stories will inspire readers and leave them feeling thankful for their mistakes.

Readers who wish to experience this straightforward and encouraging work can purchase “Trial And (Mostly) Error: How to Grow Through What You Go Through” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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