Integrity, at What Price? Powerchex Warns on the Danger of Overlooking CV Lies

At the final round of the Apprentice, Sir Alan Sugar offers the top prize, of a six figure apprenticeship to Lee McQueen despite McQueen’s falsified CV.

London, United Kingdom, June 18, 2008 --( When Sir Alan Sugar deliberated his choice of employee in the final of the latest series of the hit BBC1 show The Apprentice, he confronted a dilemma which is familiar to many employers.

Would-be Apprentice Lee McQueen was red faced when his claim to have studied for two years at University was revealed to be somewhat inflated. Sir Alan was faced with the question: Just how important is truthfulness in recruitment?

According to Powerchex, a leading pre-employment screening firm in London, many job seekers like McQueen are still prepared to be creative with the facts in order to get ahead of the competition. "This rarely works well for the firm" says Alexandra Kelly, MD of Powerchex. "falsifying a CV is a sure sign of an applicant whose integrity is questionable. Why would an employer want to hire someone who has gained his position based on lies?" she concludes.

Sir Alan decided to take a chance on McQueen despite his somewhat unreliable track record. Time will tell how profitable that decision was; many employers have gone on to regret employing CV fantasists. Barings Bank breaker Nick Leeson is one of the most notorious.

For those employers who are more concerned with CV honesty than Sir Alan, help is available in the form of specialised CV vetting firms. These service providers check CVs for factual accuracy as well as in many cases offering a Criminal Records check. One such business, Powerchex, was named Nat West ‘Growth Business of the Year’ in 2007.

‘Falsified CVs are a very real problem for many employers" says Kelly. Revealing a fallacy on an applicant’s CV may not rule them out of the running automatically, but forewarned is forearmed!’

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Powerchex is the UK’s premier pre-employment screening firm for financial institutions. Based in the City of London, Powerchex checks the background, employment history, criminal records and professional qualifications of applicants on behalf of financial institutions. It sets the industry benchmark of 5 days for a background check.

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