Powerchex Condemns the Practice of Illegal Data Sharing

Unauthorised personal data is sold over the internet to the highest bidder. - November 22, 2009

Job Offers on the Up in the UK Financial Services Sector

Powerchex finds that improvement in recruitment activity is sustained into October. - November 13, 2009

Powerchex Wins Innovation Award Second Year in a Row

In the midst of the recession, Powerchex innovates and wins award at the Thames Gateway Business Awards. - November 12, 2009

State School Students Forced to Lie on Job Applications, Research by Powerchex Finds

State school graduates are 25% more likely to lie on their CV than independent school applicants. - August 13, 2009

Job Applicants Turn to Lies in Depths of Recession, Powerchex Research Finds

The number of candidates with a major lie on their CV has reached a three year high. Young graduates have the largest increase in the number of lying candidates of any age group. - August 12, 2009

Financial Services Recruitment Increases After Long Slump According to Pre-Employment Screening Company Powerchex

2009 sees a recruitment crash within financial services but things are improving. - July 12, 2009

Powerchex Wins Business of the Year - Again

Pre-employment screening company recognised for continued excellence - July 01, 2009

Leading Vetting Agency Powerchex Sign Up to the Information Commissioner's Personal Information Promise

Pre-employment screening specialists reaffirm their commitment to data protection. - June 25, 2009

Powerchex Backs the FSA's Data Security Report

Pre-employment screening specialists Powerchex back the FSA’s recommendations on protecting customer data through employee vetting and supplier due diligence. - June 23, 2009

Leading Vetting Agency Powerchex Supports the Launch of PREFiT

Powerchex, the leading vetting and pre-employment screening agency for Financial Institutions supports the efforts of the Met Police to raise awareness on the importance of Vetting and Screening through the launch of PREFiT. - June 18, 2009

Green Shoots? Not as Many in Financial Services Recruitment

Financial recruitment continues to drop as investment banks reduce offers by 83% from last year’s levels but there are glimmers of hope for job seekers. - June 13, 2009

Recruitment in Financial Services Continues to Decline at Record Pace

Financial services firms’ recruitment continues to drop in response to the turmoil in the markets with the first four months of 2009 showing a record drop in employment offers from the sector. - May 16, 2009

Investment Banks Increase Employment Offers by 115%

Financial services display a show of strength as employment offers increase across the industry. - April 26, 2009

Temporary Appointments Are on the Up But Financial Services Firms Shy Away from Permanent Hires

IT contractors finding their way back in as permanent staff continue to suffer. - March 21, 2009

"Show Respect for Personal Data" Warns Pre-Employment Screening Company Powerchex

The Information Commissioner’s Office is showing its teeth in a case that may spur far reaching regulation of companies that maintain and sell personal data. - March 08, 2009

Financial Services Firms Gear Up for Recovery in 2009

Investment Banks and Hedge Funds see a dramatic increase in employment offers in January. - February 26, 2009

Employment Offers in Financial Services Plummet to New Lows

A study by Powerchex reveals a record low in the number of employment offers made by financial services firms. - January 16, 2009

Employers Warned of Increasing Number of Dishonest Job Applications as NHS Director is Jailed for CV Exaggerations

A study by Powerchex found a rise in CV lies as the NHS’s pre-employment screening practices come under scrutiny after director jailed for CV exaggerations. - January 14, 2009

Employment Offers in the City Continue to Tumble

Financial services firms’ recruitment drops significantly in response to the turmoil in the markets. - December 26, 2008

FSA Signals Tougher Vetting Requirements for Approved Persons Warns Pre-Employment Screening Company Powerchex

The credit crunch and bank bailouts give rise to enhanced scrutiny of senior management competency by the financial services regulator. - December 21, 2008

Pre-Employment Screening Company Powerchex Wins Business of the Year 2008

Powerchex, the leader in pre-employment screening solutions for financial firms scooped the top award for the evening presented by TV chef and former star of Strictly Come Dancing James Martin. In addition to winning the Business of the Year Award, Powerchex was also highly commended in the Innovation category for its accredited graduate development programme “STARS.” - December 05, 2008

IT Contractors Left Out in the Cold by the Credit Crunch

Financial services firms employed half the number of IT contractors in October compared to the previous month. - November 09, 2008

Powerchex Up for Three Awards as Judges at the Thames Gateway Business Awards Shortlist Powerchex for the Second Year in a Row

Following on from their 2007 triumph at the Thames Gateway Business Awards, Powerchex have been shortlisted for two more awards this year. Powerchex have also been shortlisted for The Small Business Award at the Thames Valley Business Magazine Awards 2008, to be presented in another black tie ceremony, this time by former Foreign Secretary, and now Housing Minister, the Rt Hon Margaret Beckett MP. - November 01, 2008

City Should Brace for Regulatory "Tsunami" Warns Pre-Employment Screening Company Powerchex

The credit crunch and bank bailouts are forcing an “about-turn” by the FSA from principles to rule-based regulation. - October 19, 2008

Investment Banks Make 52% Cut Back on New Employees Reports City Pre-Employment Screening Firm Powerchex

Employment offers in Financial Services fall as Investment Bankers are the worst hit, but IT contractors buck the trend. - October 19, 2008

Powerchex Sponsors Global Economic Forum 2008

City pre-employment screening firm Powerchex, the Securities & Investment Institute and the ACCA co-sponsor “Global Economic Forum 2008: Inflation - the next meltdown?” - October 08, 2008

Powerchex to Participate in the CITI Small Business Partnership Programme

Citi, East London Business Place and Canary Wharf Group plc. launch the first CITI Small Business Partnership at the Museum in Docklands. Pre-employment screening company Powerchex is one of the 15 East London companies participating in the programme. - September 30, 2008

‘Most Enterprising Student for the South of England’ Title Awarded to Undergraduate Working at Powerchex

A Business Management undergraduate, who completed a Shell Step work placement in the Docklands pre-employment screening company, Powerchex, has been awarded the title of ‘Most Enterprising Student for the South of England.’ The Shell Step Regional Finals, held at Shell’s... - September 24, 2008

Powerchex Awarded Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between the University of East London and London-based pre-employment screening company Powerchex–– has won approval from the Technology Strategy Board. - September 21, 2008

Powerchex Launches New Corporate Website

A new, state of the art corporate website launched today, signals the new web presence of leading pre-employment screening firm Powerchex. - September 21, 2008

IT Contractors: the Economics of Truth

IT contractors are almost twice as likely to lie on job applications to the financial services than a year ago; a recent survey shows. The survey, which was conducted by city pre-employment screening firm Powerchex, found that the rate of CV discrepancies of IT contractors rose by 92% from the same period last year, with 11% of applicants found to be embellishing their CVs. - August 02, 2008

Credit Crunch Leads to Greater Dishonesty on CVs

A study by city pre-employment screening firm Powerchex found that 17% of all applicants to the financial services lied on their CV, up by one third from last year. - August 01, 2008

Grads from Top-Ranked Universities Less Likely to Lie on CVs

Powerchex's Annual CV Survey, published today, found 43% of graduates from low ranked universities falsified their CVs compared to just 14% of graduates from the top 20 universities. Subject studied also made a difference; maths and finance graduates were considerably more honest on their CV than their arts and humanities counterparts who had a very high rate of embellishment. - July 22, 2008

Powerchex Addresses the Annual Fraud Conference of the Fraud Advisory Panel

At the first Annual Fraud Conference of the Fraud Advisory Panel, Powerchex addressed the delegates on the subject of vetting and pre-employment screening. - June 20, 2008

Training and Competence Revisited

At the 8th Annual Training and Competence Conference of the Securities and Investment Institute, industry experts claimed that firms will need to capitalise on their T&C arrangements to motivate and differentiate their staff. - June 18, 2008

Integrity, at What Price? Powerchex Warns on the Danger of Overlooking CV Lies

At the final round of the Apprentice, Sir Alan Sugar offers the top prize, of a six figure apprenticeship to Lee McQueen despite McQueen’s falsified CV. - June 18, 2008

Powerchex Joins the UK Chapter of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS)

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) launches in the UK. Docklands based, Pre-employment screening company Powerchex has joined the UK chapter of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). - May 14, 2008

Docklands Start-up Makes UK Top 100

Docklands based start-up Powerchex ranked No 8 in the list of the UK’s top 100 new businesses, compiled by Crimson Business’ Startups.co.uk. - April 27, 2008

FSA Publishes "Data Security Report 2008"; UK Leading Pre-Employment Screening Company Warns: Poor Vetting Practices Are Exposing UK Financial Firms to the Risk of Fraud

Powerchex, a UK leading pre-employment screening company in the City warns that vetting practices in leading financial institutions are inadequate exposing the UK financial system to the risk of financial crime. Following on today’s publication of the FSA’s “Data Security Report... - April 26, 2008

Registered CRB Umbrella Body Powerchex Passes CRB’s Assurance Audit with Flying Colours

Powerchex, a UK leading pre-employment screening company in the City was deemed compliant with Criminal Records Bureau’s (CRB) assurance process when dealing with the application, processing, storing and disposing of applicant’s personal information as they relate to their criminal... - April 26, 2008

Docklands Based Entrepreneur Wins Business Person of the Year

Docklands based entrepreneur Alexandra Kelly won Business Person of the Year Friday night at the Thames Gateway Business Awards. Three years after being rejected by BBC's Dragons Powerchex just won their fifth award. - November 29, 2007

Docklands Company Scores Hat-Trick at Thames Gateway Business Awards

Docklands based company Powerchex won three awards last week at the prestigious Thames Gateway Business Awards. This is the fifth award that Powerchex wins, three years after being rejected by BBC's Dragons. - November 29, 2007

Powerchex Declared National Finalist in NatWest's Thames Gateway Business of the Year Awards

City Pre-employment screening company Powerchex is declared national finalist in the NatWest Thames Gateway Business Awards after being mocked by the Dragons in the BBC's popular show Dragon's Den. Though founded less than three years ago Powerchex was nominated finalist in three categories: Business of the Year, Growth Business of the Year and Business Person of the Year. - November 04, 2007

Working Mum’s Company Wins Service Business of the Year Award

Working mum Alexandra Kelly proved that you can juggle both family and business when her company Powerchex won the Service Business of the Year Award at the national NatWest Startups Awards. Mother of two and managing director Alexandra said, “Winning this award proves that anyone can do it,... - November 03, 2007

Rising Star Wins Place in National Final of “UK’s Most Enterprising Student” Award

Success spreading at pre-employment screening agency Powerchex - September 20, 2007

89% of Undisclosed Criminal Records Found on the CVs of Temporary Employees

Who is watching the temps? The Nation’s financial institutions may be exposing themselves to potential fraud when hiring temporary workers; a recent survey shows. The survey, which was conducted by City pre-employment screening firm Powerchex, reveals that 89% of undisclosed criminal... - August 03, 2007

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