Marstropolis CD Mastermind Flexes Fiction Muscle, Offering Fans Unique Reading and Listening Experience

Electronic Musician Rob Astor also Writes Fiction.

Jackson, MI, April 10, 2006 --( Author and composer Rob Astor may be making literary history by providing readers with a first of its kind experience. Imagine enjoying a story while at the same time listening to its own personal soundtrack. When Astor’s short story, “The Mirror Crack’d,” is released later this year, that’s exactly the opportunity readers will have.

Instrumental musician Rob Astor might be better known for his concept album MARSTROPOLIS, but this modern day Renaissance man doesn’t limit his creativity to just composing music. He also pens fiction. When Twisted Shift releases “The Mirror Crack’d,” fans will be able to do more than just read it. They’ll also be able to tap their toes in time to the dance track the story inspired.

“There is a piece of music on my CD…called ‘Holographic Nightclub (Dance of the Boytaurs),’” Astor says. “It's a fun Techno track that gets layered and busy, like characters passing time in a club.”

Passing time in a club is at the center of what the characters in Astor’s story do. But just like the broad variety of musical genres offered on his CD, this story too is far from one-dimensional.

“It's about best friends coming to terms with growing up and having separate identities while living through extreme circumstances. The story takes place in the world of dreams (those we have as we sleep). The main character, Xack, has discovered a sort of nighttime getaway where people go to forget about their waking lives, and, in this process, discover their deepest desires.”

“The Mirror Crack’d” isn’t the first appearance for Astor’s Xack character, nor is “Holographic Nightclub (Dance of the Boytaurs)” the only music that intertwines with his fiction. Astor’s currently shopping around a novel too, which also inspired a song.

“On MARSTROPOLIS, the very last track on CD number 2 is called ‘Echoes of Raindrops (Xack's Theme).’ This was written for…that novel, and is the same Xack that appears in "The Mirror Crack'd".

A video game enthusiast, Astor originally began recording music geared to one game in particular, SimMars (of SimCity fame). Video games are proving not to be the only source for his creative spark, though.

“I do plan to compose music for three future novel projects. Some of the music is partially recorded, even before the scenes are written. And, there's always the chance that I will be inspired to write music for future short stories.”

So what’s next for this author/composer? More music and stories, of course.

“Well, I have four short stories in the works. Musically, I'm working on three projects. The first is additional video game music for SimMars. I will package it as BEYOND MARSTROPOLIS later this year. The second project is my third CD, entitled XENOPHOBIA. The last project will have older, unfinished compositions and some outtakes from the other CDs that just didn't fit anywhere else.”

It seems he has no problem keeping his plate full, but one has to wonder if he prefers one medium over the other. When asked, Astor simply gave thanks to his Muses.

“I'm focused on both writing fiction and on composing and recording music. I don't feel pressured or that either one is suffering because of the other. The Muses sprinkled that magic gold dust over me and I'm following my artistic instincts. So far, they're leading me to very good places.”

And very interesting ones as well, not just for him but also for his fans. After all, that magic gold dust will result in a potent mix: a unique reading and listening experience available to all who partake in the pleasure.

“The Mirror Crack’d” will be available in either the late spring or early summer of this year from Look for it under their Just Plain Twisted brand.

MARSTROPOLIS, which includes “Holographic Nightclub (Dance Of The Boytaurs)” and “Echoes of Raindrops (Xack’s Theme),” can be found online at iTunes,,, Yahoo! Music,, and

Rob Astor