Techno Artist Johnny M Releases 'Riddle'

Dark World International is proud to announce the release of 'Riddle' from Johnny M.

Bantry, Ireland, June 18, 2008 --( The organically-developed techno of Johnny M is now available worldwide with the digital release of 'Riddle' on iTunes. 'Riddle' includes nine new ambient club tracks from this versatile and dynamic artist and three bonus tracks from Johnny M's early work as Asigiri.

A highly sought after Minneapolis, MN, DJ, dancer, and back-up vocalist, Johnny M's decision to work with Irish based Dark World International was an easy one. "I had worked with Dark World in the past, and I continue to have a great deal of respect for them both from an artistic and business standpoint," according to Johnny M. "Dark World places artists above all, and that is tremendously attractive. As for the distance between us, thanks to the internet and mail, it's possible to do anything."

Johnny M’s magnificent release 'Riddle' proves he is an artist capable of moulding songs from equal parts club and ambient. "I usually get an idea in my head for a song and then map it out. Rarely does what I hear in my head translate perfectly to what I create, but I always go in knowing the basic idea I want to get across. The technical aspects are just dressing to the ideas. My two favorite tracks (on 'Riddle') would have to be 'With Joanna Lumley As Jessica' and 'Throne Of Music Model 904'. 'Joanna' is both playful and dark, kind of sexy but kind of foreboding. A lot of how I approach my music can be seen in that track. As for 'Throne', it seemed like such a trifle when I made it, but I hear a different sound and see a different picture every time I hear it."

With Johnny M's streamed songs at Cyqo Music, MySpace, and CNET all grabbing the attention of internet music lovers, anticipation for the newly released 'Riddle' on iTunes is red hot. For more information visit

Kris Ameringer, President

Dark World International
Kris Ameringer