Mississippi Golf Fitness Experts Help New Golfers Celebrate National Women's Golf Week

To celebrate National Women's Golf Week, Mississippi golf fitness experts from Body Balance for Performance of Jackson helped introduce 25 women to the sport.

Jackson, MS, June 18, 2008 --(PR.com)-- To celebrate National Women's Golf Week, Mississippi golf fitness experts from Body Balance for Performance of Jackson introduced 25 women to the sport.

For the third year in a row, Body Balance for Performance of Jackson (http://www.fitgolf.com) participated in a golf clinic for women at Patrick Farms Golf Club. The clinic had golf professionals teaching the fundamentals of the swing, chipping and putting. Body Balance had participants perform exercises for flexibility, strength and balance. They discussed how the body affects the golf swing. Sylvia McCandless, physical therapist and certified Titleist golf fitness professional, taught the fitness assessment classes.

"We rotated classes throughout the afternoon," McCandless said. "The majority of the group were new women golfers from all over the Jackson area, so we got to spend the afternoon really introducing them to the sport."

The women performed golf fitness exercises designed to focus on balance, strength, flexibility and posture. Body Balance brought out Bosu balls, balance boards and tubing to help their Mississippi golf training clients with balance and stability exercises, and Swiss balls to focus on flexibility, which is vital for the different positions of a golf swing.

"Most golfers, especially women, have weak hips and weak shoulders," said McCandless. "They have trouble stabilizing their hips to rotate their trunk around through the golf swing."

To deal with this problem, McCandless also focused on exercises designed to enhance lower strength and stability, and get the proper trunk rotation with a stable hip.

"Your lower body is where your power comes from," said McCandless. "Balance helps you shift your weight from your backswing to your follow-through. It takes time to learn a new sport and to learn the golf swing. If your exercises are specific to the swing, it helps you carry over what you learned to the golf course."

For more information about Mississippi golf training and upcoming events and classes, visit Body Balance for Performance online at http://www.fitgolf.com.

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For more than ten years, Body Balance for Performance has assisted with clinical research on proper physical conditioning to improve performance and minimized injuries with some of the world's leading golfers.

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