Monica Chuda’s Newly Released "Heavenly Pelican" is a Celebration of the Author’s Love and Thankfulness to Christ

“Heavenly Pelican” from Christian Faith Publishing author Monica Chuda is a poignant collection of poetry that beautifully explores the theme of gratitude for Christ's sacrifice, weaving verses that reflect on the profound love, redemption, and eternal blessings found in the sacrificial act, offering readers a heartfelt journey into the depths of faith and thanksgiving.

Monica Chuda’s Newly Released "Heavenly Pelican" is a Celebration of the Author’s Love and Thankfulness to Christ
Lakewood, OH, February 29, 2024 --( “Heavenly Pelican”: a thoughtful testament to the many blessings Christ provided through his sacrifice. “Heavenly Pelican” is the creation of published author, Monica Chuda.

Chuda shares, “There is an old legend talking about Mother Pelican striking her chest with the beak to feed her young with her blood in the time of the famine to prevent them from dying of starvation.

“Another version was that Mother Pelican was feeding her chicks who were on the brink of death to revive them with her blood for the cost of her own life.

“We can clearly see why the early Christians adopted it to symbolize our loving Redeemer, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed His life on the cross, whose blood is the price of our salvation and everlasting life.

“Moreover, our Savior still feeds us with the Eucharist, where He resides body, blood, soul, and divinity. What a privilege.

“In this little book of poetry, the author is confessing her love and giving thanks to Him who didn’t hesitate to show His love for His children on the wood of the cross. He died in the most horrible death we can imagine. He suffocated so we can breathe easy and free in assurance of salvation in joy of living our life in Him, with Him, and for Him. He is the Priest, Altar, and Lamb of sacrifice. He is First and Last, Alpha and Omega.

“We ought to love Him with our whole heart.

“Every poem comes from the deep within the heart, blooms out of love for Him, arises from the faith, and hopes to bring a little light to our darkness.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Monica Chuda’s new book is a soul-stirring collection of poetry that intimately reflects on the profound significance of being thankful for Christ's sacrifice, inviting readers on a contemplative journey of gratitude, faith, and profound connection with the transformative power of God's love.

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