Boeshield T-9® Partners with American Magic as Official Supplier

Boeshield T-9® Partners with American Magic as Official Supplier
Holland, MI, February 29, 2024 --( Boeshield T-9®, developed and licensed by global aerospace leader The Boeing Company, is proud to announce that it is an official supplier of the New York Yacht Club American Magic, the US Challenger for the 37th America’s Cup. The US-based brand addresses the critical need for high-performance, long-term metal protection and lubrication for the chase boats and 13 Mercury outboard motors of the America’s Cup sailing team.

The American Magic chase fleet crew regularly applies Boeshield T-9® to engine blocks, compartments, trim rods, and other crucial components to safeguard them against the harsh saltwater environment in Barcelona, where the team is making its final preparations for the 37th America’s Cup campaign later in 2024.

“(Boeshield) T-9® is American Magic's top choice for corrosion protection, working wonders against rust and corrosion on the team's chase boat fleet. It's always on hand at our helm stations, getting used day in and day out,” said Dustin Burrell, Chase Boat Captain, NYYC American Magic. “From our boats to our bikes, (Boeshield) T-9® is versatile and reliable. Our cycling team relies on (Boeshield) T-9® Bicycle for chains, cables, and more, knowing it leaves a protective film that stays put and repels dirt."

Reflecting the resurgence of pedal power in this year’s America’s Cup, American Magic has assembled a powerhouse team of eight cyclists who cover over 75 miles per day, relying on Boeshield T-9® to protect and lubricate chains, derailleurs, and cables, ensuring enduring performance mile after mile.

Boeshield T-9® is also used among the team’s hydro/mechatronics, boatbuilding, rigging, and shore crew departments as a reliable rust and corrosion protectant and lubricant, crucial for maintaining equipment for use during the 37th America’s Cup.

The 37th America’s Cup will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from August through October 2024, where Boeshield T-9® will continue to be an essential supplier to the team.

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About American Magic
American Magic is building the high-performance sailing franchise in the United States with a dual mandate to win the America's Cup and elevate sailing in America. Formed in 2017, New York Yacht Club American Magic combines two highly successful American racing programs, Bella Mente Racing and Quantum Racing, with one of the most prestigious yacht clubs in the world. All are united by a determination to regain the America's Cup, reconnect the American sailing base with the premier event in the sport, and elevate the quality of competitive sailing in the United States.

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