Lamborghini in a Bottle, Baby (Well, a Box)

Altrincham, CA, June 18, 2008 --( What’s the first thing any self-respecting footballer, movie star or business mogul gets when he makes it big? That’s right; a supercar. And then a supergarage. Few things turn heads like the a sleek and powerful Lamborghini ticking over while the lights are on red – apart from the sound of the throttle opening up when they go green.

For most of us, though, the chance to get behind the wheel and really see what they are capable of is a distant dream. But you don’t have to actually own one to really put it through its paces. How about the chance to take the controls for a few hours on a genuine racing circuit? Well, that’s exactly what are offering, and it sure does make a V10, 500bhp birthday gift for him.

This supercharged Lamborghini Thrill Driving Experience - Gift Pack experience day gift lets the lucky recipient take a Lamborghini Gallardo (worth £130,000) around one of several UK circuits at top speed. And so he gets the most out of it, the experience starts with some on-circuit racecraft training with a professional racing driver.

The experience is rounded off in the passenger seat as the pro puts the car – and possibly the recipient’s nerve – through its paces.

For £159 you get not only the thrilling drives but also a sleek personalised presentation pack that will long outlast the skidmarks he leaves behind.

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