Author Susan Riggs’s New Book, "Lavender Whisker's Sacred Destiny," is a Faith-Based Tale Exploring the Incredible Gifts That God Bestows Upon Each and Every Individual

Recent release “Lavender Whisker's Sacred Destiny” from Covenant Books author Susan Riggs is an adorable story that centers around Lavender Whisker’s, a bunny with a special gift of healing others just by comforting them whenever they’re sick. As she grows older, Lavender realizes this special gift comes from God, and discovers how her faith can help her use her gift to fulfill her calling.

Author Susan Riggs’s New Book, "Lavender Whisker's Sacred Destiny," is a Faith-Based Tale Exploring the Incredible Gifts That God Bestows Upon Each and Every Individual
Roseville, CA, March 27, 2024 --( Susan Riggs, a loving mother and grandmother who has had a strong relationship with the Lord since a very young age, has completed her new book, “Lavender Whisker's Sacred Destiny”: a charming tale of a bunny with an incredible gift to heal others that she is able to nurture through her relationship with Christ.

Author Susan Riggs attended Sunday school from the time she could walk until around the age of fourteen. Because of the wonderful teachings she received there, the author was able to hear God’s voice in her heart when she was only eight years old. She has two daughters who have grown up learning about their spiritual giftings, how to trust God, and how God trusts them to fulfill their unique callings in life. Her daughters and her two grandsons are the light of Susan’s life, and she also cherishes the bonds she has with her brother and sister.

“I created Lavender and her bunny world to give a backdrop for her and her friends to experience the gifts of the Spirit in everyday life and share in a way that children might find easier to understand,” shares Riggs. “You see, when children have a spiritual gift, they don’t really know it. They just function in it. They are aware of something intrinsic that happens, but to them, it is just a regular part of who they are. They will comment on it or try to name that part of them, but most times not many in their world understand or acknowledge these special gifts. These gifts help our children fulfill their callings in life. My goal is to illuminate our children’s strengths and have you all nurture them into their spiritual gifts which empower them to fulfill their destiny out in the world.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Susan Riggs’s new book is sure to capture the hearts and minds of children and their families, helping them discover all about the spiritual gifts that one can receive from God. With colorful and vibrant artwork to help bring Riggs’s story to life, “Lavender Whisker’s Sacred Destiny” is sure to enlighten and empower readers from all walks of life to forge a relationship with the Lord and embrace their own calling.

Readers can purchase “Lavender Whisker's Sacred Destiny” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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